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Update 12-21-18
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Date December 21, 2018
Size 674.1 MB
Wipe Yes
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Fortifications[edit | edit source]

They're here! Yes, they took a while and we're still working on them, but now you'll finally be able to have your place to call home and make it nice and cozy! We'll begin with putting locks on doors, then we'll get to lockpicking, and end with window fortifications. This is how it works:

  • First you'll need to find a nice place somewhere pretty, obviously. Once you get to the door you press Tab, right-click on the door and you'll have the option to buy them.

Locks Img 01.jpg

  • Once you buy the door you'll be able to lock it. For now, there are 3 types of locks - from an old rusty lock to an enhanced one. And each door can hold up to 3 locks for extra security. Locks cost fame points! Duh, becoming a property owner is never an easy ride.
The basic lock can also be crafted.

Locks Img 02.jpg

  • So, now you got your house and you put a nice lock on it. Your team mates can visit you without issue. If you're not in a squad and run into a locked door, you can try to break in and then the thievery skill comes into play. Keep in mind that to even start lockpicking you need a lockpick and a screwdriver, and they look like this:

Lockpicks Img 01.jpg

  • Improvised lockpick can be crafted from a safety pin, and the normal lockpick can be found in the world. You press the "lockpick" option and this UI will pop up:

Lock Picking Img 02.jpg

  • So now you started to lockpick, and wanna get those juicy Christmas gifts from under the tree - your thivery skill is the key here and it will determine the duration, angle difference and lockpick durability
- Duration: 2 seconds (No skill) - 4 seconds (Advance +)
- Angle difference: 1x - 2x the cone size in which the lockpick will be successful.
- Lockpick durability: 1x - 4x How much strain the lockpick can endure.
The improvised lockpick has 1 use and a regular lock pick has 5 uses. If you fail to lockpick in time, it will take 1 use from your lockpick.
  • As we said earlier, a player can put up to 3 locks on a door, and if you want to enter a house you need to lockpick all of them. Once a lock is picked it's destroyed and removed.
  • Any door can be bought and locked - you can enter a house that has a room on the top floor that you can't enter through a window, and just lock the door, and you will have a safe place.
  • If you want to have a totally secure place you will need to board the windows as well. For that we also prepared 3 levels of possible fortifications!

Fortifications Img 01.jpg

  • The health numbers are just to show the durability difference between each fortification. You can put a fortification on any window, and it does not matter if you bought a door to that house or not.
  • If a window has a fortification, vaulting is NOT possible through that window.
  • Bullet penetration still applys to fortifications, and takes into account the material used, thicknes of fortifications, and bullet energy.

== Winter Wonderland! The winter season has hit the SCUM island bringing snow with it. This is how it looks now!

Winter Img 01.jpg

Winter Img 02.jpg

Winter Img 03.jpg

Winter Img 04.jpg

That's not everything, though - you'll also be able to do all sorts of awesome stuff!

  • Making snowballs and having snowball fights. Maybe don't eat the yellow ones.
  • Making a snowman.
  • Making gifts for your special ones.
  • Sledding down a hill! A snow sled can be found around the island but it can also be crafted!

Sledge Img 01.jpg

  • A cute new emote that goes hand in hand with the gifting season!

Emoji Img 01.jpg

Emoji Img 02.jpg

Willy Warmer![edit | edit source]

  • An old tradition in the mountain parts of Croatia was for women to make Willy Warmers (Croatian: Nakurnjak). When men went to work in the outside in the hard, long winter. The Willy Warmers would keep them warm and safe.

Willy Warmer Img 01.jpg

  • People with the supporter pack will get the elephant warmer, so that the next time you log in you can be in awe of a beautiful piece of clothing, and this lovely Croatian tradition. All 3 can be found on the island but the elephant one is highest rarity.

QoL and Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Removed maintainable item expiration in singleplayer
  • Decrease loudness range of AS Val to 50%
  • Squads are now saved into database. (After relogging you should still be in a squad)
  • Teams are now deleted if they have only one or no members
  • CTF events round duration set to 15 minutes
  • Removed sound effects from the admin controlled drone.
  • White event outfit replaced with green in snow areas.
  • Swapped input keys for weapon firing mode and bash (MMB is now for bash, and change fire mode is now Shift + LMB)
  • Due the snow addition in the mountain area the lowest temperature when is sunny is -2 and when its stormy it can go to -10.
  • Removed 5min delay between cargo drop notification and actual start of drop because it was causing possible crashes.
  • Arrow buff, arrows fly bit faster and they start to drop off later. Damage stays the same.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • You can't loot items over walls anymore or any obstacle you need to be able to see them for the item to pop up in vicinity.
  • Fixed most causes for server crashes.
  • Fixed big with uncrafting bundle of stuff in vicinity while inside of chest.
  • Removed cargo activation reward to prevent fame point farming in Cargo Assault events.
  • Fixed bug where torches would turn off after getting despawned by item virtualization system.
  • Fixed bug where prisoner was getting wet inside the vehicle while raining.
  • Fixed locations where car couldn't get out of yard
  • Fixed bug with singleplayer crash while driving.
  • AK47 and SVD rail cannot be placed on improvised shotgun anymore.

EAC Improvement[edit | edit source]

  • Further improvement of our anti cheat system.

Scum Christmas 01.jpg