Update 12-07-18

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Update 12-07-18
Quick Info
Date December 7, 2018
Size 3.3 GB
Wipe No
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Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Let's start with what you've all been waiting for - vehicles. Here is a list of what you have in this first version of vehicles.

  • One driveable vehicle (The SUV on the pictures), it holds up to 4 people.
  • The ability to enter/exit the vehicle and be either a driver or a passenger. Each car has one or more slots for players. The number of slots depends on the vehicle type and shape. Which slot player will occupy is determined by the player's proximity to the slot. We plan to deliver at least one drivable vehicle with four slots.
  • Ability to store items in the vehicle.
  • Ability to destroy the vehicle (vehicle repairs will probably not be implemented in the first iteration)
  • Ability to kill other players and mid/small NPCs with a vehicle by driving into them.
  • Ability to kill players when they are inside the vehicle (bullet penetration/deflection should work on glass and metal parts as expected)
  • Basic vehicle sound and graphics effects (some expected effects may be absent in the first iteration)
  • For starters there will be 32 SUVs on the island for you guys to find and drive around.

SUV Img 04.jpg
SUV Img 05.jpg
SUV Img 06.jpg

  • What will be added later on
Fueling and repairs
First person camera
Ability to shoot from inside the vehicle
Advanced car damage effects
Destructible environment
Locking a vehicle
Lockpicking into a locked vehicle
Hotwiring a car
Armoring a car
More player interactions inside a car.
Boobytraping a car.
Hit locations.
  • And yes, we already have another vehicle in the works!
Please keep in mind that this is the first version of vehicles and that there are possible bugs and issues. Thank you for your understanding!

Capture The Flag[edit | edit source]

New game mode coming your way! We all heard for the classic CTF mode, so we added it in SCUM, and boy its a blast.

  • Capture the Flag is a game event where teams win points by capturing the enemy flag. Each team has a flag.

Capture The Flag Img 01.jpg

  • The goal is to capture the enemy flag and bring it to your base location. If the rival team takes your flag, then it has to be returned to the base first to be able to score points.

Capture The Flag Img 02.jpg

  • The stolen flag is dropped when the participant carrying it dies. A dropped flag can then be returned to the base by being picked up by its team members.

Capture The Flag Img 03.jpg

  • Otherwise a dropped flag is returned to the base after a short timer (30s) elapses.

Capture The Flag Img 04.jpg

  • To win the event a team has to score 3 points or have the highest number of points at the end of round (5 min).

Capture The Flag Img 05.jpg

MIDI Keyboard Support[edit | edit source]

Our sound guy had some spare time left so he and one of our programmers made support for MIDI keyboards so you can play it in the game!

  • MIDI keyboard should be connected before the game is started.
  • All instruments support 3 octaves.

We used this bad boy:

MIDI Keyboard Img 01.jpg

AS VAL[edit | edit source]

We got you guys a new toy to play with! AS Val, our first rifle with suppression, quiet and deadly, just without the methane.

AS Val Img 01.jpg

  • It uses 9x39mm ammunition:

9x39mm Ammunition Img 01.jpg

  • And it can be found in military bases and police stations.

New Locations[edit | edit source]

We added 2 new locations for you guys, a fish factory and a sawmill. None of those has sentries, and are perfect for some Sunday choir practice sessions!

Sawmill[edit | edit source]

Sawmill Img 01.jpg

Sawmill Img 02.jpg

Sawmill Img 05.jpg

Sawmill Img 04.jpg

Sawmill Img 03.jpg

Fish Factory[edit | edit source]

Fish Factory Img 01.jpg

Fish Factory Img 05.jpg

Fish Factory Img 04.jpg

Fish Factory Img 03.jpg

Fish Factory Img 02.jpg

New Eyewear Swag[edit | edit source]

  • Because fashion in SCUM is mandatory!

Eyewear Img 01.jpg

Trading Cards[edit | edit source]

Collectors rejoice, we got trading cards up and ready to be collected! Time to show those super cool shiny badges, and backgrounds!

Trading Cards Img 01.jpg

New Playable Head[edit | edit source]

  • More faces are more fun!

Head Img 01.jpg

Realtime Radiosity[edit | edit source]

We implemented an experimental version of Realtime Radiosity setting. About what radiosity is in games read [here]

Realtime Radiosity Img 01.jpg

If you enable Realtime Radiosity you will need to restart the game!

Item Virualization[edit | edit source]

  • All items in the world including storage (chests), crafted and dropped items will be handled with a new item virtualization system. All of those items will now be spawned in the world only when near a prisoner and despawned otherwise, greatly reducing the number of active objects in the world (no worries when you get close to them again they will respawn). Item expiration is also handled by the system so all of the items mentioned above will remain in the world for a certain amount of time (currently - 20 mins for all items). All items crafted with the blueprint system (chests, fireplace, shelter, ...) have to be maintained by the maintain action, otherwise, they get destroyed after 15 days. For now, there is no maintenance cost.
TL;DR: Fewer objects in the world at one time. The game runs better on both client and server.

Item Virtualization Img 01.jpg

EAC Improvements[edit | edit source]

  • Improvements on our anti cheat system.
  • Added more restrictions to changeable .ini files.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed armour vests so they no longer protect at all if fully broken
  • Removed floating trees from C2 sector.
  • Fixed aim down the sight animation for Hunter85 while in crouch.
  • Fixed Recurve bow to use correct anticipate draw animation montage
  • Fixed cargo drop events being spawned at the same location (resulting in them not dropping properly)
  • Puppet corpse will now properly be destroyed after 10 min if no player is close by.
  • Fixed exploit at the naval base sea entrance, players could get in terrain and shot other players/NPCs from there.
  • Fixed bug with corpses sometimes falling through terrain on teleport.
  • Fixed a bug where the player was able to punch while displaying spawn screen.
  • Fixed a bug where rain would fall into a TV bunker on A2.
  • Fixed a bug where chat window would close on death, now it does not close.
  • Fixed corpses falling through unloaded terrain in singleplayer.
  • Fixed ACOG scope having a blurry texture.
  • Fixed 2 potential server crashes caused by animal AI.
  • Fixed guitar animation when playing.
  • Fixed bug with weapons and attached items on the prisoner (spears piercing the body, ...) being visible while the prisoner is invisible because of the awareness prisoner hiding mechanic.
  • Fixed ACOG scope bug where scoping with a weapon would go to full-screen sniping overlay
  • Fixed a bug where putting an item inside a box would leave the item's collision in the world.
  • Fixed prisoner being naked on death in events.
  • Fixed camera continuing to move after death while vaulting/climbing.
  • Fixed issue where you can climb ladders trough walls.

QoL and Balance Updates[edit | edit source]

  • Cargo drop rate in singleplayer is now 4 times longer.
  • Now it should be easier to find a corpse upon returning to its location.
  • Kar98 has a scope now in events.
  • Updated egg and parsley nutrition with more accurate data.
  • Adjusted weights of empty magazines for all weapons
  • Add new dirt and dust texture on prisoner clothes
  • Crafting Animal Skin Jacket and Pants can be now done with more rope objects than just thread.
  • Chat messages in main HUD (not in T chatbox) are now coloured depending on chat type (global/local)
  • Removed offset from the ground for blueprint colliders. Blueprints can't be finished if there's an item inside them.
  • It is now possible to manipulate unowned items via drag & drop.
  • Blueprint crafted items will now get destroyed if left intact for a week (in practice, it gets reset via the new "Maintain" interaction, as well as inventory manipulation for boxes). The "maintain" action, for now, won't need any fame or material cost.
  • Added new fire animations for AK47, AKS, MP5, Kar98
  • Added new muzzle and smoke effects on weapons fire
  • You can now mount a scope on M16. Scopes that can be mounted are ACOG, P-223 Scope. You do not need a rail to mount the scopes.

Admin Commands[edit | edit source]

Few new admin commands for better server management.

  • SetFamePointsToAllOnline = sets famepoints to all ONLINE players
  • SetFamePointsToAll = sets famepoints to all players (online + offline)
  • Previously entered admin command from chat can be accessed by UP and DOWN keys, as is often done, is other console interfaces.