Update 12-03-19

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Update 12-03-19
Quick Info
Date December 3rd, 2019
Size 24.6mb
Wipe No
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Night Vision Goggles[edit | edit source]

We reworked the night vision goggles, the contrast before was too much and you could spot players on much bigger distances than you should.
Night Vision Before Img 01.jpg Night Vision After Img 01.jpg

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Level up notifications no longer loop.
  • Fixed the bug where you could put 2 flashlights on the AK47.
  • Weapon attachment flashlight can no longer be turned on while weapon is in holster.
  • Fixed the bug where base elements decayed too fast.
  • Flashlight context menu no longer goes out of screen on certain aspect ratios.

Quality Of Life Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Decreased auto destroy time for wooden logs and sticks.
  • Adjusted intensity of flashlights.
  • Weapon attachment flashlight casts shadow for local player.
  • Adjusted main menu lighting due previous changes in ambiance lightning.
  • You can now press SHIFT+E to turn the flashlights on and off.