Update 11-29-19

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Update 11-29-19
Quick Info
Date November 29, 2019
Size 330mb
Wipe No
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Female Puppets[edit | edit source]

Female Zombies Img 01.jpg Female Zombies Img 02.jpg Female Zombies Img 03.jpg

Weapon Flashlights[edit | edit source]

Because you need to see what you're shooting at. And with the darker nights we thought that would be a nice addition to the game!
Weapon Flashlights Img 01.jpg Weapon Flashlights Img 02.jpg Weapon Flashlights Img 03.jpg

For the improvised flashlight you need to have:

Duct tape (15 uses)
Deagle flashlight

With the improvised flashlights we added 2 more that can be attached to the Deagle and TEC01 M9
Weapon Flashlights Img 04.jpg

Also to the answer "Why did you add just weapon flashlights, and not a normal flashlight that we can use?" Well, that's also in works but we need to adjust a lot of animations for that. So that will take some time.

Darker Nights[edit | edit source]

We did some tweaking with the night time, so now it should be much darker and prettier as we reworked all of the light sources in the game as well. Have a look!
Darker Nights Img 01.jpg Darker Nights Img 02.jpg Darker Nights Img 03.jpg

Weapon Sounds[edit | edit source]

In the last few months we were actively talking with the Croatian Military regarding SCUM and how can we improve it and make more realistic (sounds, animations etc...). The whole military personal was super cooperative with us, and here you can see some fruit of that partnership!
Un-suppressed weapon sounds now consist of more layers of sounds then before:

Initial Shot
Tail depending on environment
Reverb depending on environment
Weapon mechanics
Bullet breaking sound barrier

Since all of the weapon segments have their own audible distance, it will be easier to pinpoint gunshot origin and distance.
Also weapons which didn't get updated:

Deagle .50 cal

And this is just the beginning!
New Sounds Img 01.jpg

Clothes[edit | edit source]

There are 2 new pieces of clothing that you can find around the island. A new jacket and a new stab proof vest.
New Jacket Img 01.jpg Stab Proof Vest Img 01.jpg

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Enlarged sled collision size so that it matches prisoner's collision size (this fixes exploit where you could not pass between base walls with prisoner but you could with a sled).
  • Fixed the bug where picking up an item sometimes wouldn't show the item in inventory.
  • Fixed continuous firing sound for weapons on simulated players. That means, sounds of firing is correctly synced.
  • Fixed additional aim stances issues occurring when opening various menus.
  • Fixed the bug where teammates couldn't see your blueprint's required / used materials.
  • Fixed improvised bed turning red after being placed for no apparent reason.
  • Checking time while holding the bow with an arrow ready will now properly remove the arrow and then check the time. Other players will now be able to properly see check time animations from other players.
  • Fixed a bug where a blueprint's ingredients widget was invisible for teammates

Quality OF Life Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Added audio panning option (headphones and speakers).
  • Player will receive a notification message when one of his skills levels up.
  • Torches, candles, fireplaces and bonfires are now brighter and have a larger radius of effect.

Admin Commands[edit | edit source]

  • Admin commands settime and setweather are now visually instantly visible. Time of day and storm intensity in single player sessions are now saved (autosaved every 120 s).
  • Added a modifiable server settings variable DarknessIntensityMultiplier which makes nights even darker. The default number is 1.0 you can make it darker or brighter by increasing or lowering that number.