Update 10-25-19

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Update 10-25-19
Quick Info
Date October 25, 2019
Size ?
Wipe No
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Admin Commands[edit | edit source]

We have added more server options and those are:

  • Now you can choose if you want your server to be FPP or TPP only! (you can still have a server with both.)
  • Disabling chat, local and global.
  • Disabling the minimap.
  • Disabling crosshair.

How it will look on our servers is something like this:

  • AllowFirstperson=1
  • AllowThirdperson=1
  • AllowCrosshair=1
  • AllowGlobalChat=1
  • AllowLocalChat=1
  • AllowMapScreen=1
1 = Turned On/Active
0 = Turned Off/Deactivated

And here is a new in-game admin command for people who write too much.

  • #mute <Player>
  • #unmute <Player>
  • #listmutedplayers

But this is not all! If you get the three commands above (surprise! you have them!) you'll get a bonus option to adjust your singleplayer experience through .ini files just like server owners do!

So the file is called ServerSettings.ini and you can find it here:


Just a small disclaimer: If you are not sure what you're doing, either don't even touch those files or go get an adult.

If you meat the criteria above, we advise you NOT to use the regular notepad because of line endings, at least that's what my programmers told me. Try Notepad++, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text etc...


We are boosting puppet numbers on ALL officials from 32 to 64!

Halloween[edit | edit source]

Spooky house:

  • The spooky house is a place in the mountains, no one is quite sure what's going on there*.

Spooky House Img 01.jpg Spooky House Img 02.jpg Spooky House Img 03.jpg

  • - all pictures have been taken during the day as during the night due to the fog it's almost impossible to take a picture, and it's much more... active during the night.

P.S If you are a supporter, try whistling at this location, we have a small treat for you!


  • It's Halloween, we can't do it without some pumpkin carving! You can find pumpkins all around the world, and show everyone your carving skills!

Jack O Lantern Img 01.jpg


  • We all love to cover our face, scare people, and suck the youth and soul out of them... no? Just me? Fine, but we do have some awesome Halloween themed masks!

Masks Img 01.jpg

  • Also we have 3 special masks:

Masks Img 02.jpg

  • The hockey mask is for our awesome supporters, you can get it just like any other supporter item. Through your prison wallet! (Keep in mind that there are a lot of items you can get from the prison pocket, so you might not get it on the first try)
  • The craftable masks, well, you craft them with a certain collectible item:

Zombie Eyeball Img 01.jpg

A PUPPET EYE. Well, 10 to be more precise. But don't be fooled not every puppet has a good eye for crafting these masks, so don't expect the first puppet you find to drop it!


Castle[edit | edit source]

We love our old locations and mysteries that come with them. That's why you can have this new point of interest!
Castle Img 01.jpg Castle Img 02.jpg Castle Img 03.jpg Castle Img 04.jpg
Castle Img 05.jpg Castle Img 06.jpg Castle Img 07.jpg

Item Degradation[edit | edit source]

You all remember that green bar under the items? Well, we fixed the system behind that, and now it should work properly.
Durability Img 01.jpg

The item decay system has been reworked.

Equipment items now depending on what it is (metal, wood, plastic, rubber) decay per day a certain amount.

Clothes items decay faster when equipped. When they completely decay, clothes items that have container slots in them drop on the floor and you are still able to retrieve your items from the slots.

Clothes items without slots just get destroyed when they reach 0% health.

Head Bag[edit | edit source]

We got bondage covered, now to cover the faces of your enemies.
Head Bag Img 01.jpg

The head bag can be crafted from an empty sandbag, and it can be reused to your liking. And once someone puts it on your head:
Head Bag Img 02.jpg

New Weapons[edit | edit source]

A new shotgun is here the SDASS 12M. 12 Gauge light pump-action shotgun.
SDASS Img 01.jpg

Few differences from the TEC01 490:

  • Lighter by 1.5kg.
  • Faster fire rate.
  • Smaller ammo capacity.
  • More rare than the 490.

One more new thing regarding rifles. Now each time you enter ADS, depending on the weight of your weapon your stamina will start to drain.

P.S This is applied only to rifles.

Chests[edit | edit source]

First item of business, now you can store your chests in your cars!
Chest In Vehicle Img 01.jpg

Also the degradation time was increased and now it's like this:

  • Improvised Wooden Chest: 8 -> 16 days
  • Improvised Metal Chest: 10 -> 18 days
  • Improved Wooden Chest: 12 -> 20 days

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the issue with flashbangs blinding through walls.
  • Fixed the issue with other players not being able to see/hear the grenade explosion.
  • Fixed a bug preventing vehicles from going through game event border walls.
  • Fixed infinite base block stacking.
  • Fixed the crash when destroying window fortifications.
  • Fixed being unable to disable snapping when placing walls (second point).
  • Possible fix for stacking foundations.
  • Fixed the bug with the M1 reload system.
  • Fixed the bug where you could place unfinished blueprints on base elements, destroy the base element and finish the blueprint while floating in the air.
  • Fixed bug where prisoner's hair would be invisible after leaving the game event
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't do some interactions with some items without left-click selecting them first (e.g. tearing pages out of diaries).
  • Opening chat while driving no longer causes vehicles to keep applying throttle/brake/reverse/steer/horn.
  • Fixed a bug where some crafting ingredients couldn't be used even if they have enough usage (e.g. crafting ammo with improvised toolbox at 5 usage)
  • Fixed floating cabins bug.
  • Fixed inventory duplication.

Quality Of Life Additions[edit | edit source]

  • "Nails" ingredient removed from the "Improvised Shovel" recipe.
  • You can now drag and drop items into containers in the vicinity.
  • Adjusted AK47, MP5 and SVD weight to correct values.
  • Blank sign can now be destroyed by anyone.
  • Admins can now remove locks from doors (does not work while in drone mode at the moment).
  • Added mouse sensitivity for drone mode in options menu.
  • Allowed admin drones to destroy blank signs.
  • New prisoners should no longer be spawned near or inside player bases.
  • Increased spawn rate of Block21 handgun.
  • Oxygen and health now disappear at the same time.
  • Removed wait times for respawn options in singleplayer.
  • Driving a vehicle in reverse will now always turn the reverse lights on, regardless if headlights are on.
  • Hiding the HUD will now hide the crosshair as well
  • Improved drone dispatching system. Now they will not fly over just a few players but all players on the map.

Optimizations[edit | edit source]

  • As with every patch, we do some small optimizations that should boost server and client FPS!
  • In the last few weeks our anti-cheat system did some awesome work, and we removed from the game about 500 cheaters and hackers. And to me, that's an awesome optimization so you guys can have a nice and smooth gameplay.