Update 10-01-19

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Update 10-01-19
Quick Info
Date October 01, 2019
Size ?
Wipe No
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Drone[edit | edit source]

Few changes regarding the drone:

Admin drone doesn't have any collision while flying in silent mode. This prevents any random collision with players when teleporting to them.
You can now fly through objects (buildings, trees, terrain etc..) with the admin drone.
We reworked the admin drone teleports to a player. You should be able to teleport to all players now, not just the ones in 1km radius.
Drone visit times have been cut in half. They will visit you less often now.
Drone destroyed particle and sound effects should play on all clients now.
We also did some overall optimizations of the drones, because lag is history!

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the bug with chests disappearing after getting buried.
  • Fixed the bug with sight not disabling zero range change when on rail.
  • Fixed the bug where hair cutting resets hair length.
  • Fixed the bug where blueprint recipes didn't take into account tool needed to finish the blueprint.
  • Improvised tool box doesn't stay in inventory anymore once the usage drops to 0. It gets removed.
  • Fixed the bug where rubber item would not appear in vicinity once dropped on the ground.
  • Fixed the bug where sitting on the floor could cause glitching through the floor.
  • Fixed the bug where MP5 rail would not appear in vicinity once dropped on the ground.
  • Fixed the bug where the metal spear was not visible in vicinity after crafting.
  • Fixed wrong icon for the shovel.
  • Fixed the bug where WW2 bunkers environment produced wrong sounds on interaction.
  • Blueprints that require a tool now can't be finished without it
  • Criminal record now loads skills and attributes better and much more precise.

Quality Of Life Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Added .45 cal bullets to crafting list.
  • You can see the compass now over the mini map.
  • Added voice chat loudness slider in menu.

Voice Volume Img 01.jpg

  • You can now disable snapping while placing base elements by holding the left SHIFT key.
  • Some smaller optimizations on both server and client side.