Update 09-27-19

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Update 09-27-19
Quick Info
Date September 27, 2019
Size ?
Wipe No
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Optimizations[edit | edit source]

So in our last development update this is what we said regarding optimizations.

  • We had a bit deeper look into prisoners (your character that you play with) and vehicles. High populated servers should feel the biggest impact as the server will handle bigger player numbers much better now. We saw much fewer FPS drops and big lag spikes. Vehicle physics are lighter now and driving more vehicles at the same time should not present any problems anymore. this is just the start of optimizations as we got still a lot of tricks up our sleeves.

And here are some of the results.

  • The first results of optimizations is reflected on the client and server. From the client side the gameplay experience should be much smoother with more players on the server. From the server side we managed to gain a FPS boost that should result with less lag on servers with more players.
This is just the first round of optimizations, and you can expect more of those in the future updates. We are not stopping until lag is history. Optimizations priority all the way!
Keep in mind that results will vary depending on your PC hardware.
P.S People with slower CPUs and better GPUs should get the biggest FPS bost today.

Digging[edit | edit source]

Hide your spoils! Now you can safely store your chests underground, just don't forget where you put them!
Here's a little video that shows how it works!
Also you can name your chests anyway you like!

Navigation[edit | edit source]

You wanted more navigation tools, so we started to add them. Welcome your new best friend the compass!
Compasses Img 01.jpg

So this is how they work:

There are 4 levels of compass items in game. They differ from the amount of information you can read of them.
Depending on your survival skill and the type of compass you have will determine how much information you get from them.
Just with your survival skill you can have the orientation info that you get from the compass. If your survival skill is lvl 1 you will have the level 1 compass indicator up to level 2, that's the maximum level of information you get without an compass item regardless if your survival skill is above 2.
"Then we kinda don't need the compass level 1 and 2 items right?" Well, yes and no. Compass level adds to the survival level.
If your survival level is 1 and you have a compass level 1 your compass UI information that you get is level 2. And with this you can go up to level 3 compass information. For level 4 information you need a level 4 compass.
Level 1 - You can see just the north (N)
Level 2 - You see all 4 sides of the world (N,E,S,W)
Level 3 - You see 8 sides of the world (N,E,S,W,NE,SE,SW,NW)
Level 4 - You see 8 sides with degrees between them.

Compass UI Img 01.jpg

A look how the level 4 compass UI looks like.

While we are at navigation we changed the player indicator on the map from the triangle to a red point.
Player Indicator Img 01.jpg

Personalized Signs[edit | edit source]

Wouldn't you love to invite your friends to your "Fort Fluff"? Well, now you can put a name on it!
Personalized Signs Img 01.jpg

Military Base[edit | edit source]

  • We finished up the underground part of the new military base in D4

Military Base Img 06.jpg Military Base Img 07.jpg Military Base Img 08.jpg

New Armor[edit | edit source]

We did some little rework on our armor vests. Now you have only 3 tiers of vests(gonna add more with time).

Previously vests had varying levels of protection they gave you, they were recognizable by colour, now we have evened out the protection benefit and split them into three categories.

Level 1 - Stabproof Vests (Visual those stayed the same as before)
Level 2 - Military/Police Vests (All the vests that looked them same but had different values)
Level 3 - Armored Vests (Those are new and you can check them out on the pics bellow)

Armor Img 01.png Armor Img 02.jpg Armor Img 03.jpg

Turkish/Korean[edit | edit source]

We added 2 more languages to our game!

  • Turkish

Turkish Img 01.jpg Turkish Img 02.jpg

  • Korean

Korean Img 01.jpg Korean Img 02.jpg

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the bug where players would become invisible.
  • Fixed the bug where pistols did more damage to armour than rifles.
  • Fixed the bug where killing birds would crash the server.
  • Fixed an item duplication exploit.
  • Fixed improvised bow stand draw animation.
  • Disabled placing base elements on items (fixing placement on barbecue issues)
  • Fixed the bug when sometimes your gear would not disappear after reviving.
  • Fixed the bug where you could autowalk while resting.
  • Fixed the bug when you tried to get up from a toilet in a stall you would get stuck.
  • Fixed the bug where right clicking on an item while resting wouldn't pop up the item menu.
  • Fixed the bug when you would go into prone beside a base wall and you could stand up on the other side of the base wall.
  • Fixed the where screen was not faded when teleporting other players. (Admin related)

Quality Of Life Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Improved player teleportation (entering/exiting events, respawning etc..)
  • Improved player corpses
  • Add heavy breathing and heartbeat sounds when burying.
  • Added a camera blend movement between different prisoner height states, it should now make a smooth transition when changing stances that influence camera height.
  • Reduced damage that arrows do to base building elements.
  • Disabled fame point gains from throwing. (Until throwing is fully functional)
  • Blood drop icon will now appear at physical injury phase 2 or higher.
  • Lowered time need to finish urinating.
  • Added command for admins to #destroyallvehicles