Update 09-18-18

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Update 09-18-18
Quick Info
Date September 18, 2018
Size 319.4mb
Wipe No
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Gold Plated Update[edit | edit source]

Hello prisoners, we are happy to announce that with your support SCUM has surpassed 1 million copies sold. As a thank you, everyone will get a golden DEagle .50!
Players can get your gun through your prison wallet, the first time nature calls. The Deagle 50 will be available for all users until September 25.

1 Million 02.jpg 1 Million 03.jpg

All Supporter Pack owners will also get a Nice Watch - that's the name of the watch in-game, we are comedy geniuses. Right now, it merely checks the time of day, but in future updates, it will have some more useful features.

1 Million 04.jpg

  • Various client/server performance tweaks
  • Added Atlas LODs for Factory Hangar 01 (cleanup old LOD fbx files)
  • Projectile initial lifespan reduced to 6 seconds
  • Increased server tick rate
  • Added Atlas and bake LODs for Silo Factory and Hangar to Chimney bridge (edited materials, added textures)
  • Added new Atlases and recreated all new LODs for Jail Entrance Building Bridge01/02/03
  • Refinery elements - Added Extra Lods (Distant City optimization)
  • Added Atlas LODs for Jail Workshop
  • Added silver version of DEagle .50 and .357 that can be found through the world.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to add an item to a container inside a container (e.g. backpack inside a backpack), should fix an item duplicating exploit
  • Added admin command #SetTime to control server time
  • Disabled pace adjustment with the scroll wheel in inventory
  • Added DEagle to event loadout (You can use the silver ones in events)
  • Actions which need a selected item should by default take the item in hands into account (You do not need to select the item in your hands anymore to perform various actions: Fire starting, can opening, etc... but the corresponding item for the action still needs to be in hands)
  • Disabled prisoner visibility hiding in first person view, if not camouflaged. (Players won't pop invisible/visible randomly in first person anymore)
  • Tweaked footsteps attenuations. (Lowered the radius of footstep sounds)
  • Added distinct sound to granades when they impact with the ground
  • Landscape C_4, D_4 grass.flushcache (Fixed a bug where on D4 was no foliage)
  • Prison - Added Extra loot packages (Cover)
  • Fixed collision on barracks where you were stuck in it.