Update 09-07-18

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Update 09-07-18
Quick Info
Date September 7, 2018
Size 34.5mb
Wipe Yes
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  • Anti-cheat system improved.
  • Add an Improvised stab-proof vest
  • Edited collision for SM_Compensator (sentry could see the player, reported bug)
  • Expanded Primitive collision on Military Hangar doors meshes (Sentry should not be able to shoot you through the collision gap on oval hangar doors anymore)
  • Added search sounds to wooden boxes
  • Temporarily disabled bruising while we investigate the source of client performance drop
  • Added auto-destruct check limit to items
  • Changed default item auto destruct time to 10min
  • Added search sounds for various items
  • Increased Rifle bash regain control (bash was faster than melee)
  • Added SM_Di...not yet...
  • Increased digestion rate by 30% - Daily intake should now be refreshed every 24h (scaled game time)
  • Wooden stick won't bounce infinite times anymore (Possible fix for FPS drops)
  • Disabled glow on shelter and storage box
  • Fixed a server crash when inviting a player to a team after they force logged out
  • Server browser refresh is stoppable now