Update 09-04-18

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Update 09-04-18
Quick Info
Date September 4, 2018
Size 62.8mb
Wipe No
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  • The game should be compatible with ultra wide displays now.
  • Fixed ultra wide (and super ultra wide) scaling on server browser.
  • Lowered ambient volume of character creation menu ambient sound.
  • Made chat scrollbar more responsive.
  • Made chat close on enter if input box is empty.
  • Fixed bug with ammo duplication when stored in object and using search object over and over.
  • Fixed weapon scope duplication when dragged from one rifle onto the other and relogging.
  • Tweaked spawn rate. You should encounter more animals now.
  • Fixed weapon spawn rotation. You wont be aiming in your head anymore.
  • Significantly increased hearing range of gunshot sounds.
  • Fixed equipment layer for bags. (You could have carried more than 1 bag, now you can not)
  • Added an extra inventory slot to woodcutter shirts.
  • Fixed a bug where you could respawn before the timer hit zero.
  • Add 8 inventory slots on bulletproof vests.
  • Increased animal health and varied it more. (spear normally makes animal bleed severely but its the most common hunting weapon, guns kill it instatly)
  • Possible fix in underground bases that caused teleporting to surface,collision problem. Needs further testing.
  • Possible animal despawning bug fix. Animals used to despawn on random moments, after player interaction.
  • Added player killed audio event and player lost audio events to sentry.
  • WIP master server improvements. (Server browser should be more responsive)
  • Sentry now misses less bullets.
  • Tree bark rope is now made from short wooden sticks. Before was long wooden sticks.
  • Reduced needed skill level to craft a fire drill.
  • Fixed metal scrap making motion noise sound while equipped in hands.
  • Reduced inventory size for barbed wire from 2x2 to 1x1.