Update 08-29-19

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Update 08-29-19
Quick Info
Date August 29, 2019
Size ?
Wipe No
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BIRTHDAY!!![edit | edit source]

  • Okay we prepared for you a cake that you can make
  • An awesome party hat.
  • And 4 cocktails: Slavic Gent, Slav Reviver, SCUM Sunrise and The Island Special. Don't drink and drive!

Birthday Items Img 01.jpg

We have mixed drinks about feelings.


Have some fireworks as well!
Fireworks Img 01.jpg

Who needs ten fingers anyway?

Base Building[edit | edit source]

We got you some nice new additions to base build so you can expand in a creative way!

2 new cabins to build, both are bigger than the current one!
Cabins Img 01.jpg

Cozy and double cozy.

New elements to make it cosy, safe and memorable. The spike traps do damage so don't walk on them.
Base Elements Img 01.jpg

And some simple wall decoration to show of!

Wall Decorations Img 01.jpg

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

It's here, my favourite vehicle of them all, the all mighty tractor!
Tractor Img 01.jpg Tractor Img 02.jpg

We add first person perspective to vehicles, and see for yourself how it looks like! Also for now only the tractor has an animated and functional dashboard, we will add the rest later on!

Tractor FPP
Tractor FPP Img 01.jpg

SUV FPP Img 01.jpg

Quad FPP
Quad FPP Img 01.jpg

Pickup FPP
Pickup FPP Img 01.jpg

LET THERE BE LIGHTS! Vehicles got lights on them for those nice night rides. Turn on/off lights with X.
Vehicle Lights Img 01.jpg Vehicle Lights Img 02.jpg Vehicle Lights Img 03.jpg Vehicle Lights Img 04.jpg

New Clothes[edit | edit source]

We know that you guys like to look fancy so we got you covered!

So we added 4 new combat helmets, they offer same protection as military helmets but are much lighter.
Combat Helmets Img 01.jpg

Some cool scarfs (keffiyeh is the correct name).
Scarfs Img 01.jpg

And here how it looks when you get some of those new clothing items.
New Clothes Img 01.jpg

The famous Guy Fawkes mask.
Guy Fawkes Mask Img 01.jpg

Construction helmet for all of you avid base builders.
Construction Helmet Img 01.jpg

Last but not least, some shorts for the hot days!
Shorts Img 01.jpg Shorts Img 02.jpg

New Locations[edit | edit source]

NO CITIES YET! Sorry to disappoint, but they still need some work. But fear not here are 3 locations that you can prowl around and make new friends!

Cheese Factory
Cheese Factory Img 01.jpg Cheese Factory Img 02.jpg Cheese Factory Img 03.jpg Cheese Factory Img 04.jpg Cheese Factory Img 05.jpg

Radio Station
Radio Station Img 01.jpg Radio Station Img 02.jpg Radio Station 03.jpg

Air and Military Base
Military Base Img 01.jpg Military Base Img 02.jpg Military Base Img 03.jpg Military Base Img 04.jpg Military Base Img 05.jpg

You can learn more about the inspiration for this location from here!

New Weapons[edit | edit source]

In this little box we have a new gun, the AK15, and some extras.

The AK15 has 2 modes of firing single bullet and fully automatic it uses 7.62x39 mm ammunition.
AK15 Img 01.jpg

And here is an anniversary AK47 with some neat engravings!
Engraved AK47 Img 01.jpg Engraved AK47 Img 02.jpg Engraved AK47 Img 03.jpg Engraved AK47 Img 04.jpg

Here are some extras!

Silencer for all AK rifles.
Mag for the AK15.
New scope Aim PRO, that can be mounted on most rails.
New bow silencer that can be attached to all bows.

Attachments Img 07.jpg

Slav Squat[edit | edit source]

Got a new gesture!
Slav Squat Img 01.jpg

Bondage[edit | edit source]

The community spoke and we listened. Tying down, bondage, foreplay call it what you want it use it was you want it.

With proper item in your hands you can tie another prisoner's hands by approaching them from behind and using the 'Tie Hands' option from the context menu (hold F or press right click in interaction mode). This option is available only if the prisoner gave consent by raising their hands (surrender gesture).

Once tied the prisoner will have their movement options limited. They will not be able to perform most of the usual actions. One thing they can do is to try and struggle to loosen the bindings on their hands. If successful they will be able to break free from the bondage. Their bonds can be re-tightened at any point by another prisoner to prevent their escape.

The captive prisoner can enter vehicles, but cannot operate them. They cannot open the map, access their inventory nor join the events. In this state their log out timer is increased and forcefully disconnecting from the game leaves the prisoner vulnerable for longer time.

If all else fails the captive prisoner will be able to try and commit suicide by smashing their BCU chip into the ground, which will trigger a small explosion.
Bondage Img 01.jpg

Underwater Breathing[edit | edit source]

We improved the breathing underwater mechanic so you guys have more precise info on it!

When you start diving a new UI element will pop up around the health bar that will indicate how much air you have left.
Underwater Breathing Img 01.jpg

If the bar hits red your health will start to drain, and if the red bar gets to 0 you're unconscious and will sink to your death.

The air supply that you have depends on your constitution attribute.
Underwater Breathing Img 02.jpg

Flare[edit | edit source]

If you wanna show your support for your favourite team or want an epic screenshot, the flare offers all sorts of uses!

The flares come in 3 colors: red, green and blue.
Flares Img 01.jpg

But if you're scared of flares we got the flare gun ready for you!
Flare Gun Img 01.jpg

Resting[edit | edit source]

After a long day of work you should sit/lie down.
Resting Img 01.jpg

Sitting or lying down will recover health and stamina x2 faster.

Food Source[edit | edit source]

A new food source for all of you hard core survival fans!

Larvae can be found in old tree trunks lying around the island
Worms can be found around rivers, streams and water sources.

Insects Img 01.jpg

Audio/Sounds[edit | edit source]

Okay so we did more changes on sounds so it got its own section in this notes. Everyone say "thank you Rale"

Bunker door audio has been increased. You can hear bunker doors opening/closing on a bigger distance.
New crisp sounds for grenades, and the distance radius is now 1km.
Grenade detonations now travel! With a speed of 342m/s so if you are 1km from the impact you will hear the sound in 3 seconds.
And as always new fresh music on the radio.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Reworked spawn points in events so you won't spawn anymore close to other players.
  • Fixed the bug where you could eat aloe vera for an infinite amount of times. We had a good run old friend.
  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't see players inside the safe zone when you were standing outside.
  • Fixed an issue with some buildings not having collision.
  • Fixed the bug where items in event backpack didn't show.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to open an inventory container after moving away from it ("remote inventory")
  • Fixed the exploit where people used "push" vehicle option to position the vehicle so they can jump over fences.
  • Fixed the exploit with pulling the internet cable out.

Optimizations[edit | edit source]

  • Optimized base building, now if you run towards a big base you should encounter much less lag spikes and stuttering.