Update 08-24-18

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Update 08-24-18
Quick Info
Date August 24, 2018
Size 372.2 MB

This is the final pre-release version

  • Added inventory sounds for various items
  • Assigned inventory sounds to various items
  • Added nullptr check to AItem::OnProjectileStop()
  • Continental_House_03b
  • Fixed Spawner Bug
  • Fixing Bugs
  • Edited Nightvision post-processing
  • Nightvision armor class set to 3
  • Armor class set to 2
  • Changed formula for calculating damage ruduction factor from clothes (some helmets were bulletproof in events)
  • Possible fix for throwing crash
  • Possible fix for server list flicker
  • Reduced volume of sentry footsteps
  • Fixed bug with camouflage not disabled when shot is fired
  • Editing Brela
  • Pier Double sided geometry
  • Adjusted MP5 spread, bullet damage - Adjusted AKS 74U spread
  • Moved floating fence and removed grass from the houses/building in: C_2_Humac, Landscape_C_2_1
  • jail Workshop - all set to static
  • Moved floating spawners inside: BP_Continental_House_05_B_Blueprint - BP_Continental_House_04_Workshop - BP_Continental_House_05_B_Blueprint - BP_Continental_House_01_A_Blueprint - BP_Continental_House_08_Blueprint -
  • BP_Continental_House_08_ClosedBottom_Blueprint
  • Disabled night vision effect if night vision was active while returning from event
  • SM_GuardTower ( edited all LODs added LOD4 collision, made Atlas, optimized and changed materials, assign chunk ID for Atlas textures )
  • Updated Stand_DrinkFromBottle1 animation
  • D_1_TV_Base
  • Sentry markers fixing
  • Inventory and crafting tabs are now disabled during game events
  • Non-holsterable melee weapons are bound to quick access 4
  • M9 Prisoner and weapon animations update
  • MiniMap editing
  • Prigorje Spawn points editing
  • Assigned specific event for torch fire
  • Adjusted torch, candle
  • Added new search animations
  • Added more active radios
  • Added separate event for torch fire
  • Volume tweaks and fixes
  • Added to all ammo text in which weapon is used
  • Fixed all issues with craftin ammo
  • Fixed weight of certain ammo
  • Fixed bug where car batter couldnt be broken for lead plates
  • Added uses to lead plates (was weight use but that does not work)
  • Changed the name from TEC 09 gun to TEC01 M9
  • Fixed bug with no HUD when returning from event while sniping
  • Disabled Night vision from spawning,fixed kitchen spawner preset(cloth should not spawn now), Possible fix with collision in TV_Bunker rooms,needs testing(Room_D_01,Room_E_01
  • Adjusted fireplaces
  • Adjusted campfire light
  • Greater amount of damage must be received for bleeding to start
  • Fixed 7.62x39mm calibler weight
  • Possible crash fix with BCU monitor data replication
  • Reduced damage for 9mm bullet
  • Reimported MP5 sk mesh
  • Level Design Bugfixes (Landscape holes,dirt in the houses....)
  • Version increment
  • Item crafting parts and uncraft time are now serialized (fix for Bug 2836: Uncraft destroys item and gives nothing in return after event or when reloading game)
  • Fixed Landscape Spline bug
  • Fixing Discord Bugs
  • Reduced ROF 650>500 to prevent fast fire with mouse wheel
  • Increased dmg on 9mm to 50
  • Fixed reload sequence
  • Editing TV_Base Sentry spawners
  • Added various scenarios to the A_3_2, A_3_3 and A_3_4 sectors with item spawners
  • Fixed bug with scope overlay not hiding when prisoner is teleported from event
  • Adjusted zeroing range
  • Regenerated soundbank for stream files cleanup
  • Ak stream files cleanup
  • Level design bugfixes
  • SM_Debris_01,02 fix Z figt,pivot position
  • Hunter85 sound volume balance
  • Incrased Rarity for gunpowder
  • Spline snag editng - mobility to stationary, disabled overlap events
  • Fixed bug with fire drill where it didnt ligtht a fire
  • Changed spawn chance on presets,changed rarity on some items
  • Added various scenarios across the A2 sector with spawners and searchable items for gameplay variety
  • Fixed bug with ammo cleared from weapons and magazines when returning from event
  • Added VO for CTF and Dropzone events - Initial preparation for VO localization
  • Zombie_Muscle_04_V1: vertex weight fix
  • Zombie_Dressed_Fat_02_V2: fixed spawning items.removed Fire Hand Drill from spawning
  • Zombie Muslce_04_V1: wight bug fix
  • Deleted old prisoner svd animations
  • Replaced active animations
  • Deleted old anim
  • Generated soundbanks for game audio mixdown
  • Removed rope from small wooden stick bundle
  • Added various item spawning points and storylike scenario objects that the player can discover while searching the wilderness in the sector A1
  • Added MP5 clip icon
  • Changed Dirtiness and damage on military spawner preset
  • Fixed ammo explit when joining ammo from examed objects
  • Adjusted 2h melee fps idle
  • Added source animations
  • Fixed bug with swapping weapons that would trigger melee target lock
  • Fix prisoner torso and inmate shirt
  • Fix Skinny zombie LOD
  • Edited: Spawn Location Offset/Spawn Rotation Offset for 1H_KitchenKnife, 1H_Improvised_metal_knife
  • Assinged inventory sounds for various items
  • Added inventory handling sounds for various items
  • Editing player start positions