Update 07-26-18

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Update 07-26-18
Quick Info
Date July 26, 2018
Size 5.3 GB

This is a pre-release version

  • Fixed bug with sim proxy using wrong aim offsets after going back from aiming down the sights
  • Deleted keys on camera root on FP turn animations
  • Adjusting Physical material density
  • Task 2632: Add support for melee weapon influence on attack start delay, animation play rate and stamina drain
  • Increased maximum number of possible projectile penetrations
  • Assets_Stimac_Auto1.umap (save)
  • SM_RailBridge_Pillar (edited LOD distance)
  • Edited and added spawners in Prison buildings, edited navigation, rearanged interior, edited draw distance, set to 0,0...
  • Rebinded Firing slots on weapon BP
  • Respawning in events now clears bladder and resets stamina
  • Kar98 is able to reload even if it has loaded ammo
  • MasterSerevr communication update
  • Changed projectile hit debug messages
  • Added SM_Fire_Hand_Drill_01 and textures
  • Added SM_Fire_Hand_Drill_01 and textures
  • Added tv show descriptions
  • Reworkd the way fireplaces are crafted and fired up. (Fuel need to fire it up is now needed to craft the fireplace item and for
  • lighting it up you just need a "Fire Lighter" item... E.G Fire lighter, matches, flint and steel. Will add hand drill later on.
  • Edited UVs on Windows Frames for prison
  • Added 'switch team' button to game event panel
  • Added 'switch team' button to game event panel
  • Added attempt to rejoin the event if disconnected
  • Fixed bug with game event ranking awards
  • Added Ammoboxes for M1 Garand, Kar 98 for spawning (Ammoboxes needs Icons, JOSIPEEEEEEEEE!)
  • Fixed CanFireWeapon curve in one window climbing animation
  • Added new motage slot group for firing weapon
  • Bug 1124: Window jumping bug / falling off level while vaulting
  • Edited Boxing, knife, 1HMelee Attacks per level
  • Added SM_Cal_7_92x57mm_Open_01, SM_Cal_7_92x57mm_Closed_01, custom LODs and textures
  • Added SM_Cal_7_92x57mm_Open_01, SM_Cal_7_92x57mm_Closed_01, custom LODs and textures
  • Added description to sneakers 02_03 - Spears can be put in holster now
  • added prisoners with body armour
  • Optimizing Sentry Lights
  • Fixed Leather Jacket bug where it could been equiped with more jackets at once
  • Removed "Large Stone" now recepies that needed that item need just a normal Stone
  • Added a recepie where you get Lead Plates from Car battery
  • Added barbed wire (will be used for crafting weapons)
  • Added Cro Jersy icons
  • Fixed a bug were coconut could be eaten infinite ammount of times.
  • Fixed bug with weapon not saving/loading ammo properly
  • Fixed bug with FillUpWithAmmo not working properly for weapons with internal magazine
  • Added proper ammo box to ammo BP for M1 Garand.
  • Sky blocker fix on TV_Base_C2, Collision fix on Stone_House_05_A_LOD4
  • Bugfixing from Discord reports
  • Moved the SM_Garand_30_6_Ammo_Closed_01, SM_Garand_30_6_Ammo_Open_01, their materials and textures to Ammunition folde...
  • Added light into hangar - Adding TV Base Loot
  • Added Source File (Parachute.spp) in Models/Objects/Outdoor/Parachute/Cargo_Parachute/
  • Added Source File (Radiator.spp) in Models/Buildings/Prison/Objects/
  • Added source files (SM_Window_Frame_03/04/05 LODs)
  • SM_Window_Frame_01/02/03/04/05 (for prison), edited LOD distance, added custom LODs on some models, added back face on top of geometry.
  • Minor event panel dropdown menu fix
  • Optimised performance for street light in light blueprints
  • (reduced light Attenuation Radius, tweak some Light Intensity, set light to Static) to reduce light overlap.
  • Fixed mesh distances, added nav mesh to Tv_Bunker rooms: Room_A_04, Room_A_04_a, Room_A_04_A_inverted, Room_A_a, Room_...
  • Added scoring per rank in tv show events
  • Fixed getting stuck on spawn screen if pause menu opened
  • Added sentry start stop animations
  • Fixed combat mode bug while switching from melee weapon to firearms
  • Reloaded assets: Police Station and Restaurant_02 in all towns
  • Added a knife with 1h melee attack animations.
  • Tv_Bunker: Armory room, depository, bunker entrance, tool shed, supermarket_02( tweaked mesh distances, added nav mesh...
  • Ammo can be crafted now.
  • Added descriptions for events
  • Adjusted 1h melee kick
  • Fixed stand cold hands
  • Adjusted idle cold
  • Added description how Armor works in SCUM
  • Added Freezing 2
  • Playing single frame animation for zombie when in ragdoll
  • Swapped Crafting and Events tabs - Sped up metabolism to be in sync with the in-game day
  • Resaved metabolism animations
  • Plain shirt doesnt have 4 spaces anymore and adjustet warmth - Wrench pipe can be taken in hands.
  • Tweaked rarity for crafting items, shirts with short sleves, incrased rarity for kar98 and garand M1
  • Assigned Levels to chunks till TV_Bases
  • Fixed bug causing players to be rewarded for suicides in events