Update 07-24-18

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Update 07-24-18
Quick Info
Date July 24, 2018
Size 5.7 GB

This is a pre-release version

  • Tweaked rarity for crafting items, shirts with short sleves, incrased rarity for kar98 and garand M1
  • Implemented proper cooldown for response idles
  • Item rarity tests
  • Clearing contained items from quick access bar when item is dropped
  • Implemented primitive item spawning simulation with statistics output into output log
  • Fixed item R on response animations
  • Events
  • Added Map Location after event name
  • Added Mask Textures
  • Editing Rarity multipliers
  • Fixing master server connection
  • Created Shooting Test Polygon map
  • Fixed bug with ragdoll getting up offset on dedicated server
  • Disabled animations for zombie on dedicated server
  • Added drunk test animations
  • Fixed green to red shells
  • Fixed Tinder recepie.
  • Added new icon for cooked rice.
  • Prisoner plays hit react on melee damage only if IsMovingOnGround() returns true
  • Fixed FPS fire
  • Added nav mesh to all stone sheds, stone stable, supermaket_01, decreased rarity for toolboxes,both of them
  • Added debug messages to debug bullet trajectories command
  • Make stone spear recepie changed. Instead improvised stone knife now you need 2 stones.
  • Fixed redirectors of chooping and cutting recepies.
  • A few fixes for response idles - BCU max speed fix
  • Replaced Static Lights with BP - TV bases - Added holes in fences
  • Removed pick up animations from Stone_Large
  • Adjusted knife kicks
  • Fixed issue wehre improvised rope couldnt be crafted with dirty rag stripes.
  • Food items make noises when thrown.
  • Granades have added throwing noise
  • Medicine has throwing nosie
  • Fire and melee weapons have throwing noises
  • Made flesh physics material less dense to improve bullet penetration through prisoners
  • Fixed combat idle to prone
  • Removed shotgun default ammo class for now
  • Added shotgun to event loadout selection
  • Added noise levele to Equipment Items.
  • Added 2h melee grip
  • Added Noise level to drinks. Glass bottles
  • Very Loud, Cans - Loud, Others - Moderate.
  • TV show event loadout fix
  • Added noise level to clothing. Bags - all are moderate besides Improvised Bag Small and Waist Bag (Silent). Shoes - al...
  • Increased damage for shotgun projectile
  • Added noise level to ammo items. Ammo shels, bullets
  • Moderate, Ammo paper boxes
  • Loud, Ammo big casing boxes - Very...
  • Edited Draw Dist. in BP_Barracks_Blueprint (reduced furniture inside, set navigation)
  • Reduced the weight of stones. Small Stone 1000gr > 500gr, Medium Stone 1500gr > 1000gr, Big Stone 2000gr > 1500gr