Update 07-09-19

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Update 07-09-19
Quick Info
Date July 9, 2019
Size 25.8 MB
Wipe No
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Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the bug where you can throw items while in a vehicle
  • Fixed flag recipes (all flag recipes spawned the same flag).
  • Fixed minor problem with female and male idle animations.
  • Fatal Error Crash is history Not sure what this one wants to say, but it's lying
  • Fixed the bug with overlapping base flag areas. Flag areas can't overlap anymore.
  • Punching while running shouldn't regenerate stamina anymore.
  • Fixed the bug where barbed wire couldn't be repaired.

Quality Of Life Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Tweaked driving skill: engine stalling greatly reduced on no skill and basic skills, engine stalling should never occur on medium skill and above, lower skills have lower acceleration to compensate for reduced engine stalling.
  • Reduced damage on impact for quad, also improved the driving mechanic for better gameplay experience.
  • Disabled building base elements in unfriendly flag area.
  • Allowed building flags inside of cabins and on top of other base elements.
  • Changed ordering of clothes in GUI. Backpack is now first on the list, as the community asked for this.
  • Added progress widget when destroying base elements with drone.
  • Enabled flag claiming ownerless base elements.
  • DISCLAMER: We added a change to flags and how they work. So from today when you enter someones base and destroy the flag, the elements of that base still belong to the person who built them. Now you need to craft a flag after you destroyed the old one to make the base yours.
  • Added possibility to have high priority loading for certain items in virtualization. This means that some bigger items (shelter, tents, BB elements) will load sooner than smaller items (chests etc..) for a smoother gameplay transition/feeling.
  • Small server optimization.