Update 07-05-19

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Update 07-05-19
Quick Info
Date July 5, 2019
Size 190.6 MB
Wipe No
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Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed most of the exploits for duplicating items in singleplayer and multiplayer. Which also caused crashes to happen.
  • Fixed female skeletal body parts and bra.
  • Fix for lead plate usage for crafting advanced fortifications.
  • Fixed area damage (grenades, car explosions) not working on base elements.
  • Fixed the inventory size of the weakest variant of the Recurve Bow "Scorpion #40".
  • Fixed the bug where deer meat was not eatable.
  • Chest and car container GUI should not clip through holster/quick access (there's a horizontal scrollbar, right click and drag to scroll)
  • Fixed the bug where right click on an item in menu would not open the container.
  • Corrected animations for anticipate draw montage.
  • Adjusted bow 3 and 5 pin sights to 200 grams weight.
  • Fixed the bug where items in quick access where not saved after relogs.
  • Fixed the issue with round glasses falling through floor on "drop" function.
  • Fixed crashes relating to weapon attachments.
  • Improvised toolbox now requires nails and bolts for crafting (before only one of those was needed)

Quality Of Life Additions[edit | edit source]

  • We did some small optimisations from the client side.
  • Animals won't try to attack the player if he's in/on a vehicle.
  • Players won't take melee damage if inside the vehicle.
  • Removed Christmas items from the spawning pool. - Grinch NOOOOOoooo
  • Workshops that contain drill press machinery are no longer lockable (doors cannot be claimed anymore)
  • Barbed Wire can now be crafted (nails, metal scrap and wire). Barbed Wire Barricades for base building now require barbed wire as an ingredient.
  • Increased base render distance do 1000 meters.
  • Disabled building platforms on other players walls
  • All bullet crafting now requires advanced survival skill level, lead plate usage increased to 5 from 1. You will be able to craft 20 bullets per lead plate (down from 100)
  • Large toolbox rarity decreased from common to uncommon, Small toolbox rarity decreased from abundant to common.
  • Big animal fat weight decreased to 1 kg so it can fit in most clothes.
  • Now you can repair base build elements with just a toolbox, and it repairs all elements in a 1m radius.
  • Increased base element full decay time to 4 weeks.
  • 10 new songs on the radio!
  • Adjusted forks, now you can open cans with them, also you can chop the wooden fork into tinder.
  • Can't gain experience/fame points inside safe zones now.
  • You can now gather the crew and enjoy some fighting matches in safe zones. We have in each safe zone a boxing ring, and here is how the rules work:
  • You can only kill/get killed while in the ring.
People in the ring can't do harm to players outside the ring.
Everything is allowed in the ring.
You DO NOT talk about the ring.
  • For all server admins now when you go through the logs you will be able to read all unicode characters as they are.

Melee Combat Rework[edit | edit source]

  • Weapon durability no longer influences it's attack damage.
  • Handles and blades of sharp weapons now have the same armour penetration values. (To balance out the melee fighting experience)
  • Reworked all melee weapons stats ( all have increased damage,

blunt weapons now have a knockout chance per hit, added sharpness/penetration values to all sharp weapons, weapon hits should produce correct sound based on their material now )

New damage system explained:
Total weapon damage is calculated by the following formula:
Weapon damage x Melee skill x STR modifier. Some numbers to crunch:
Sledgehammer, Melee Max Skill & Strength Max Value
( 0.4 x 0.6 x 1.2 = 0.288 or 28.8% health damage)
  • Increased puppet max health by 0.1 (now the values are 0.7, 0.6, 0.5 and 0.4 depending on the puppet type)

Base Building[edit | edit source]

  • One of the bigger things to come in these notes is the flag system that will be the new way of handling base element owners.
  • You will be able to craft a flag and every base build element in a radius of 50m from the flag will belong to the flag owner.
  • Every base element outside a flag influence will not belong to anyone and everyone can interact with it (open, close etc.)
  • Different colours are used as indicators when building in the influence range of the flag. Green is when you place a blueprint under friendly influence, and yellow is when you try to place a blueprint with enemy influence which means if you build there, that item will belong to the player that has the flag.
  • A flag can be destroyed with any chopping tool via interaction.
  • When a flag is destroyed, all base elements under its influence become ownerless.
  • We will have a transition period for flags so your existing bases don't get claimed by random people placing flags. The flag mechanic will currently apply only to new base elements - all existing pre-patch base elements will have the same owner as before and ignore the flag mechanics. In short, flag will not override owners of existing pre-patch base elements and flag will not clear owners of pre-patch base elements when destroyed. Next week we will push one more patch with all of the flag mechanics enabled so make sure you build flags in your existing bases.