Update 07-03-18

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Update 07-03-18
Quick Info
Date July 03, 2018
Size 5.3 GB

This is a pre-release version

  • Added metal pots and canned food inventory sounds
  • Assigned vitamin inventory sounds
  • Game icon update
  • Zombie turn animations root adjustments
  • Checked force Global Mip Levels to be resident on BirdTextureMask for it to force texture streaming when not rendered ...
  • Task 1443: Implement better zombies
  • Added application icon
  • Fix zombies
  • Added Min and Max FPS for dedicated server
  • Switched up CanBeSeenFrom to first try to see torso and then head (instead of reverse)
  • Fixed Sentry shooting bullets...
  • Add zombie and fix clothes
  • Task 1443: Implement better zombies
  • Added jar and water bottle inventory handling
  • Added Medication usage ak events
  • Fixed night owl sound routed to aux as pre-fader
  • Added new inventory sounds for synthetic cloth, pills and plastic bottle
  • Temporary file added for bow animations
  • Fnished moving Sentry BP code to cpp
  • Minor team selection bugfix
  • Fixed loading screen showing rest of the UI
  • Redesigned game event panel - Fixed bug with game event barriers not turning off
  • Fixed multiple game event spawning ...
  • Fixed undefuned variable
  • Moved Sentry BP code to cpp - Made BP_SentryCorpse
  • Fixed Debug text beign referenced without editor
  • Task 1443: Implement better zombies
  • Add tactical glove 07 material
  • Add zombies and fix materials
  • Add zombies and fix clothes
  • Implemented GenerateStopRootMotion MB script
  • Zombie turn animations fix
  • Added Crates TV_Base_01
  • Added Police Baton
  • Added New Examine data system to Outdoor meshes til Military folder
  • Adjusted ZZ turn 180 animations
  • Created Event Images
  • Added New Examin data sistem to all indor meshes