Update 07-02-19

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Update 07-02-19
Quick Info
Date July 2, 2019
Size 18.8 MB
Wipe No
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  • Fixed the corrupted chests and endless loading times.
  • Changed projectile relevancy distance and made projectiles fired from far away stop simulating on other clients (better client performance!).
  • Added the Improvised toolbox to the base building resources.
  • Improvised Toolbox is now a bit harder to craft.
  • You can now fuel the fire with oil!
  • We fixed a bunch of little issues on the female body meshes, as well as female clothes.
  • Stone arrow tips used to show up as safety pins on the ground, but we fixed them.
  • Added new animations for the character creation menu as well as the idle menu.
  • Added owner and HP info for base elements when hovering as a drone.
  • Fixed issue where team members wouldn't see all wall segments in a blueprint.
  • Admin commands will now work even if they contain spaces!
  • Removed claim interaction on bases.
  • Local chat history saves to database.
  • All craftable ammunition and can suppressors now need the Drill Press (Machinery) in the vicinity for the recipe to function.
  • Significantly decreased the amount of steaks, fat and bones that chopped animals drop (steak and animal fat weight has been increased to 1kg and 2kg respectively, and they have more charges to compensate, the total calorie * intake should remain roughly the same).
  • Goat head can no longer be chopped.
  • Fixed a bunch of collisions.
  • 1H_Stone_Axe and 2H_Stone_Axe moved from tier 3 sharp weapons to tier 2 (they now have a lower multiplier for resource gain when chopping/cutting , etc.).
  • Fixed some typos in item descriptions.