Update 06-30-18

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Update 06-30-18
Quick Info
Date June 30, 2018
Size 5.4 GB

This is a pre-release version

  • Sentrycan now be killed (spawns a corpse)
  • Fixed sentry spawn crash
  • Added Sentry audio event
  • Fixed bug where key was not spawned in cargo assault game event
  • Added forgotten includes to AIHelpers - Added health to sentrys (they still cannot be killed)
  • Add new zombies meshes
  • Added Spawner presets for Examine data
  • Fixed BirdAIController crash - Fixed forgotten move result in compelx animal controller
  • Add AIHelpers again
  • Adding sprite for tool
  • Made AIHelpers struct that contains methods to find partial paths and request moves on found paths
  • Simple animals
  • Adding sprites for the crafting menu
  • Sentryes replaced with Sentry spawners
  • Added look animations
  • Added new version of basic BCU stats
  • Added Spawners to Tv_Bases, Tweaked Spawner presets for Military cloth big
  • Fixed Animal debug mode not working in developement build - Fixed Sentry crash in TickCombat
  • Possible fix for tracking animals
  • Edited ZZ observing look
  • Added SM_Standing_Mirror_01, custom LOD and textures
  • Added SM_Standing_Mirror_01, custom LOD and textures
  • Added sentry weapon single fire sfx
  • Removed sound event from obsolete zombie
  • Added inventory actions for glass bottles
  • Added sfx for various search actions
  • Fixed Sentry crashing clients on TakeDamage
  • Decreased sentry nav invoker tile generation radiuses
  • Sentry hearing reduced
  • Created SentrySpawner
  • Added recorded puppet sounds
  • Task 1443: Implement better zombies
  • Save Assets_level
  • Added new spawners in Continental Houses
  • Added dirt overlay on some meshes
  • Added Improvised Stone spear
  • Added new 2s search
  • Fixing various Discord Bugs
  • Added new 2s search animations
  • Fixed up redirectors in Weapons folder
  • BP_WaypointGroup - Collision preset - Set to Pawn
  • Add new zombie mesh
  • Task 1443: Implement better zombies
  • Fixed a bug witgh pasta where it could been eatean indefinitely
  • Night Sky Storm intensiti editing
  • Editing Night Sky Color
  • Fixed max weight contained and inventory size on boots.
  • Editing Animal Tracing particles
  • Added Human tracing particles
  • Editing Event spawn zones
  • Semtry network interpolation set to Linear
  • Changed how animal debug mode is displayed when on client
  • Fixed Bird flying stat anim looping
  • Fixed Global spawner showing double spawned animals
  • Changed network smoothing for animals
  • Fixed root at get up zombie
  • Added zombie run attack 3
  • Added zombie run attack 2
  • Added loop to zombie run start
  • Added variations to SM_Safe_Small_01
  • Added variations to SM_Safe_Small_01
  • Added SM_Safe_Small_01 and textures
  • Added SM_Safe_Small_01 and textures
  • Fix zombie
  • Fix gloves 01
  • Reimport and fix zombie
  • Fix Zombies meshes
  • Fixed bird spawner crash on no prisoners
  • Added SM_Coat_Hanger_Fancy_01, custom LOD and textures
  • Fix driving glove 01