Update 06-22-19

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Update 06-22-19
Quick Info
Date June 23, 2019
Size 33.3 MB
Wipe No
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Next (Hotfix)

  • Adjusted spawning rates for female underwear and bra
  • Puppet pants and raincoat issues fixed
  • Increased base elements HP
  • Adjusted platform and tower placement so it works better on uneven terrain
  • Fixed crash when squad members build wall blueprints and relog
  • Fixed platform not getting any damage
  • Fixed base building recipes not using planks correctly
  • Fixed bug where the cabin could be placed on the ground when it should be placed on the platform
  • Fixed various level bugs
  • Castle ruins distant meshes optimization (geometry reduction)
  • Added loading screen image with fixed typos
  • Increased big log gain from chopping trees
  • Possible fix for the 'continue' timeout
  • Fixing a rock in the air. He prefers metal
  • Fixed prisoner's rotation getting stuck after exiting the vehicle
  • Fixed item drop placing items at wrong location
  • Inventory fixes galore! No idea what this really is, but sounds cool.
  • Updated car fixing animations
  • Adjusted all bow sizes to 3x5 so it can fit into inventory now.
  • Fixed issue where you would need only one log for building a wall after relog