Update 06-21-19

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Update 06-21-19
Quick Info
Date June 21, 2019
Size ~2 GB
Wipe Yes
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Female Characters[edit | edit source]

You were loud and we listened! Today you get the first iteration of female characters in SCUM! Please keep in mind that this is just the first iteration and we'll keep working on them as we go! Here are some points you should also be aware of:

  • Just like our male prisoners have a penis slider, our female prisoners have a breast slider. It works the same way for both.
  • At the moment there are still no tattoos on our ladies! Don't panic, though, because we're adding them ASAP, time wasn't on our side and we had to prioritize!
  • For now you get 3 head variants to choose from!
  • There are also some really neat things we'd like you to discover by yourself!

Club Img 01.jpg You can't sit with us.

Optimizations[edit | edit source]

We worked hard in this department as well and here is what we did:

  • After tons of server and client profiling we managed to find the biggest lag producers and FPS killers.
You will be able to notice the FPS boost in bigger cities and FPS drops should be minimal from now on, as hundreds of objects are being much better processed and loaded than before. Players with slower CPUs and better GPUs should feel the biggest difference.
  • We took care of random freezes as we improved our streaming, so when you go to another sector or you're just entering a city, it should be much smoother.
  • Item Virtualization 2.0! The biggest ping producers were items on the server, as they were handled poorly and they have been impacting the server even if they were idle. Now with the inventory rework, we highly recommend that you store your items into chests and other containers. The server you play on will be thankful.
  • Object replication! Our testing has shown a 400% FPS increase on the servers and that should result in minimum lag and enjoyable playing sessions with 64 players!

Base Building[edit | edit source]

The first iteration of base building will allow you to build your own bases with simple defenses and some functional items. In the following weeks, we'll add many more functional items to build inside your bases, like generators and work benches.

  • All doors you build are automatically claimed by you and can't be claimed by other players.
  • You can repair all base elements if you have any tool that can be used for chopping. You also need a percentage of resources required for building the element depending on the missing healthpoints.
  • Every base element you build is owned by you. Interactions only available to owners like opening/closing doors, placing locks and destroying elements with a tool are also available to team members.
  • For the first iteration we have disabled building in cities, bases, and most inhabited areas as seen on the attached map. With time, we'll allow more freedom in building, but always keeping the game balance in mind!

Build Zones Img 01.jpg You can build in the red space.
Base Building Img 01.jpg Knock before you enter
Base Building Img 02.jpg Keep those nosy neighbors out of your yard.
Base Building Img 03.jpg A vacation house for the whole family...
Base Building Img 04.jpg ...Let's see those kids try to escape from here.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Guess what! We have overhauled the inventory system! Most of it was modernizing the system to better acomodate the new inventory-related requirements. That also means that our programming team will have a much easier time implementing things from now on. It also brings massive chest and car inventory related optimizations, as well as a GUI redesign. Without spoiling too much - stay tuned for more inventory-related goodies!

  • Thanks to the new UI, you are now able to filter vicinity items: clothing, food, drinks, weapons, tools and medication.

Vicinity Filter Img 01.jpg

  • Each clothing item now has a proper visual representation of how well it keeps heat, how wet it is and the weight limit of the clothing item.

Heat and Wetness Img 01.jpg

  • Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen complications we couldn't add item stacking and rotation in this patch, but we promise to add it as soon as possible.

Inventory Img 01.jpg Fresh like grandmas cookies.

Car Repairing[edit | edit source]

  • From now you can also repair your vehicles with a tool box. You can repair 10% at time or repair all.
  • 10% = 10 Toolbox uses.

Vehicle Repair Img 01.jpg


Well, you know, it's hair and beards, and now they can grow, go to school, get married, move out, and then they leave you all alone with an empty nest and a hole in your chest. Okay, not really. They just grow.

  • Each head has its own hairstyle.
  • It takes about 10 real time hours to grow hair and beard to its max length.
  • You can cut your hair/beard by 10% and repeat that until you have the length you want.
  • No worries, you can chose to completely cut your hair or beard or both if you want. Bald Vikings are a thing.

Beards Img 01.jpg You lost brother?

Missions[edit | edit source]

We are introducing our new missions system! We're starting with some tutorial missions so that the newcomers to the survival genre can learn the ropes.

  • Tutorial missions can be started by pressing the "Track" button in the journal tab
  • We plan to add different types of missions with various requirements in the near future:
Skill level
Team missions
Time limited missions
NPC missions
  • Please don't forget we're always open to suggestions, so if you have some, let us know on our forums! We're always watching!

Missions Img 01.jpg Crafting? Crafting! A man is judged by his skill with his tool.

Disco Disco!![edit | edit source]

And what better way to open them than with a party?
"Wait, there's so much to implement and they added a f****** disco of all things?"
If that's your question, you're probably new here. Don't worry though, we'll catch you up!
Safe Zone Img 01.jpg You'll find me in da club.
Safe Zone Img 02.jpg Don't try to hide here if you shoot a certain guys dog.
Safe Zone Img 03.jpg Lights, camera, action!
Safe Zone Img 04.jpg "Sorry sir this is for VIP only."
Safe Zone Img 05.jpg You'll need a smoke brake sooner or later.
Safe Zone Img 06.jpg It has better security than our servers.

Safe zones are called that way for a reason. If you are in a safe zone, you can't be killed in any way from inside or outside and you also can't kill anyone from a safe zone.
Also the music you will hear down there is provided by our awesome friends from F.O.R.M
FORM Img 01.png

Castle Ruins[edit | edit source]

Our art team has made another castle. We're not sure what their deal is. They've been working really hard, so it could be that they're dreaming of building sandcastles on exotic beaches or they just like playing with dollhouses.
Either way, it's really cool and you should go for a visit!
Castle Ruins Img 01.jpg This is the castle of my master, Guy de Loimbard!
Castle Ruins Img 02.jpg Two towers? Pfffft we got six baby.
Castle Ruins Img 03.jpg It really does look pretty tho.
Castle Ruins Img 04.jpg Yeah, I wouldn't drink that.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug where the player was unable to aim down the sights with M9 while walking.
  • Fixed a bug where if you were wearing a hat in first person it wouldn't render the shadow.
  • Fixed a bug where the rain sounds would disappear.
  • Fixed a bug where the falling sounds wouldn't playing in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would continue to swim in shallow water.
  • Fixed a bug where you would drown while your head was above water.
  • Fixed a bug where underwater audio would still play when quitting into main menu.
  • Fixed a bug where players could vault over windows that had some kind of barricade

Asset Fixes & QoL Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Cargo drops should no longer fall within bases.
  • Players will spawn outside of the bases.
  • Log piles now spawn more logs.
  • Reduced the spawn rate on Christmas items. Grinches. Every single one of you.
  • The bow info will now display in the 'hands' and 'holsters' section.
  • Impact particles now have a better visibility at bigger distances
  • We've increased the number of vehicles to 64.