Update 06-13-18

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Update 06-13-18
Quick Info
Date June 13, 2018
Size 7.2 GB

This is a pre-release version

  • Editing Items Tags/Rarity
  • Forgott to include some animations
  • Made AimOffset for deer - Made animals look at stimulus source in alert mode - Imporved Observe mode (now has 3 sight ...
  • When equiped, handgun will not be placed on holster slots, but on next free quick access bar slot
  • Added kar98k fire chamber animations
  • Fix for getting stuck if minimized while cutting down a tree
  • Fix waist bag small and add backpack 02
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated deer alerted animation
  • Fixed 'declaration hides previous local declaration' warning
  • Fixed dropping torch when lighting it - Fixed underwater torch
  • Added Improvised crossbow-Fix
  • Urinating animation fixes
  • Editing Items Tags/Rarity
  • Editing Items Tags/Rarity
  • Edditing itmes tags and rarity
  • Updated Skeleton
  • Updated alerted animation
  • Disabled prisoner rotation in character creator
  • Added sheep idle sound
  • Urinate animation fixes
  • Fix backpack LOD
  • Muted prisoner sounds in menus
  • Added small waterfall sound
  • Adjusted defecate animation camera TP bone
  • Item spawning experiments
  • Fixed goat perception angle and melee attack hit detection markers - Added Donkey hit react - Fixed StackOverflow cras...
  • Added Player_Sound_Level RTPC to control volume of player sounds
  • Huge idle server and server with players CPU optimization