Update 06-12-18

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Update 06-12-18
Quick Info
Date June 12, 2018
Size 7.2 GB

This is a pre-release version

  • Added kar98 animations
  • Fixed bug with item (torch) drop location after throw
  • Added deer animations
  • Rifle idle transitions source file update
  • Updated Improvised Pistol skeleton and added reload, idle and fire animations
  • Rifle Stance transitions updates
  • Editing Item Tags/Zones
  • Adjusted weapon material
  • Fixed post send aux for convolutoin reverb for animal distant sounds
  • Added description for the 7_92x57 ammo
  • Fixes on ambient sounds phasing in between forest types
  • Added improviset Crossbow
  • Tweaked textures for Crosbow
  • Added Distant City (D_3_Dubrava, D_3_Industrial_01) - Edited SM_Power_Plant Distant and set mesh collision to No Colli...
  • Implemented GetActorEyesViewPoint for animals - Added EyesSocket-s to animal skeletons - Fixed attack bug where the an...
  • Added improvised Crossbow
  • Added elevation factor to hrtf calculations - Tweaked azimuth factor
  • Editing Amunition Tags/Rarity
  • Added azimuth audio damping
  • Added urinate defecete animations
  • Dragging an item over inventory GUI will now correctly highlight slots red if it isn't possible to add the item to the...
  • Editing Item Spawner Volumes (Zones)
  • Removed floating grass on Landscape_C_2_4 (discort bug report)
  • Removed Cube on the ground from Landscape_C_3_4 (discord tester report)
  • Donkey Hit react
  • Reverted previous commit
  • Enabled auro headphone plugin for wwise
  • Bug fix from testers on Discord C_1_Veliki_Tabor, Landscape_C_1_3 (lowered Church that was to high for entering, remove...
  • Added scared event to bear
  • Working on fire+chamber for manual firing state
  • Donkey, horse and wolf sfx and tweaks
  • Minor changes on BP Continental House 09 Store
  • Bug fix from testers on Discord (BP_Continental_House_09_Store corrected draw distance min/max)
  • Added horse sfx
  • Animals now get alerted before getting spooked by sounds - Fixed some CTFFlag missing imports
  • Bug fix from testers on Discord (added correct collision type on VinskiVrhChurch_Base mesh)
  • Swapped out item uses and weight on the item widget - Item durability bar will now change colour from red to green dep...
  • Fixed a bug where item damage wouldn't be initially replicated on load in MP - Fixed a bug where inventory GUI would b...
  • Tweaked focus audio functionality
  • Fixed audio fading while in focus mode
  • Task 2360: Make use of UAssetManager to tag, load, unload interesting assets such as items and characters
  • Disabled focus mode triggering in melee combat
  • Focus mode fixes & tweaks
  • Disabled focus intensity interpolation in wwise
  • Enabled focus audio functionality - Changed path to wwise project in defaultgame.ini
  • Created Distant City mesh Dubrava on D_3
  • Task 2365: Implement DumpAssetNames and SpawnCharacter console command
  • Updated 98k animations - Added 98k ammo
  • Added Improvised Pistol weapon animation source file
  • Added Skeletal Mesh for Improvised rifle and tested animations
  • Created AnimalContinuousChargeAttackAIController to be used with animals who have a continuously damaging charge attac...
  • Improvised pistol old animations delete
  • Disabled focus mode sfx behavior
  • Assigned scared events for boar and pig - Attenuation tweaks for animals - Animals will make noise more often when in ...
  • Fix backpack LOD
  • Fixed a bug where eating or drinking an item in hands would remove it from hands
  • Reworked collecting rocks - Minor fix for in-game menu - Item auto destruction will now use 2D distance check
  • Working on fire+chamber for manual firing state
  • Rollback to old version for Hospital_Workshop
  • Task 2361: Implement SpawnItem console command
  • Task 2360: Make use of UAssetManager to tag, load, unload interesting assets such as items - Task 2361: Implement Spaw...
  • Pistol and Rifle CrouchIdle updates
  • Deleted AK_47 from A1
  • Editing Item Spawner Volumes
  • Pistol and Rifle CrouchIdle transitions update
  • Added seagull idle sound
  • Removed focus mode audio functionality until focus bug is fixed
  • Rafinery set for Video recording
  • Fixing Terrain Bug
  • Fix clothes name
  • Pistol StandIdleToCrouchIdle fix
  • Fixes sound phasing issue when 2 sounds splines overlap on edges of sectors
  • Added idle sounds for cow, pig and bear
  • Created Distant City SM_D_3_Industrial_01
  • Rabbit name bug fixed
  • Added fame levels
  • Forgoten include
  • Changed the way animal unstucks itself - Fixed a movign bug that made animals stop mid roaming for a moment - Improved...
  • Changed furniture in BP_Continetal_House_02
  • Fixed Terrain Gap
  • Moved furniture in BP_Stone_House_02
  • Changed collision to default in BP_continetal_House_10b_Warehouse on shelf
  • Edited Distance Dam (power plant)
  • Added new source file for SK_ImprovisedRifle9mm
  • Improvised Rifle animation source file update
  • RifleCrouch animations testing and fixing
  • Fixed crouch correction pose