Update 05-10-19

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Update 05-10-19
Quick Info
Date May 10, 2019
Size 177.0 MB
Wipe No
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Check Taste[edit | edit source]

  • We added a new option in cooking so you can check in what state is the chicken that you're roasting over the fire.

Check Taste Img 01.jpg

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't patch wounds after being burned by fire.
  • Fixed the bug where cutting down a tree would cause other trees of the same type to disappear.
  • Fixed the bug where cutting down a tree would leave tree collision on the server and cause floating logs above ground
  • Fixed the bug where trees and bushes would appear to be duplicated.
  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't get off the quad bike if the driver side was blocked.
  • Fixed fire damage being framerate dependant. Before fire would do different damage values depending on the server performance. Now it's always the same.
  • Fixed the bug where you would lose famepoints during events
  • Fix for item/event duplication bug
  • Fixed quad scale

Quality Of Life Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Finished adding aging/degradation/wear to all clothing items.
  • Lowered heat effects of candle and torch items
  • Searching a puppet now drops items near the prisoner that did the searching instead the puppets position on the server.
  • Items transfer heat slower if they are contained within clothing items (clothes, backpacks ...)
  • Items no longer reach cooking temperatures while in clothes or hands.
  • Killing a prisoner via a headshot by a high powered rifle will result in his head exploding. (If we don't get videos from this in the first week we are removing it...it's a joke, but really get us some headplosion videos)
  • Added 10 new tracks to the radio station
  • Changed number of required days to unlock the survival achievements. Now its: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24 and 32 days.
  • Reduced chance for rain. (We got too many rainy days here at the office so at least we can get you some rays of sunshine!)
  • Lowest shadow settings removed from options
  • Resolved the issue where meat would continue sizzling after being eaten
  • Resized the quad a bit so it doesn't look like a toy quad anymore

Optimizations[edit | edit source]

  • Wetness system has been updated, wetness calculation is now much faster.
  • Penis optimization. The D had a mind of its own, but we've managed to tame the beast. Don't ask what this means, just trust that we know what's best for you.
  • Optimized weather controller on client side. (We are giving your CPU a little breather). It should result in better client performance = more FPS.
  • Different dedicated server optimizations. It should result in better server performance = less lag.