Update 04-05-19

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Update 04-05-19
Quick Info
Date April 05, 2019
Size ?
Wipe No
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Driving Skill[edit | edit source]


  • All existing characters will have No Skill level by default.
  • Driving skill affects: time it takes to turn on the engine, chance for engine stutter when trying to drive vehicle from rest, chance for engine stutter when shifting to higher gear, chance for engine to turn off after stutter, top speed, time it takes to change gears and ability to steer properly.
  • As you level up your skill the chance of car problems gets lower.
  • Also we updated car sounds to better sounding versions.

Driving Img 01.jpg

Radio[edit | edit source]

  • Our radio is finally done! Now you will be able to find it in 2 ways. One is to find a radio in the world and carry it around, the other way is to find a car because each car has its own radio. The radios scattered around the world sound as crappy as you would expect them to sound. The car radio sounds as good as you would expect it to sound. Realism, friends!
  • Car radio controls:
J - Turn on/off radio
Ctrl + J - volume down
Shift + J - volume up
  • For now you will hear some promos for our events, and have different types of cool music to listen to. These are still mostly placeholders because we have some cool plans for it in the future.
If you are a musician who would like to have your music in the game, or you have a small underground indie band you would like to support this way, please send an email to tena at gamepires dot com for more info!
  • Guess who your radio host is! That's right, it's our John Dick, who else would it be?

Radio Img 01.jpg

Bast From The Past[edit | edit source]

  • Old remnants from a war long forgotten, wonder what can you find there.

Pillbox Img 01.jpg Pillbox Img 02.jpg Pillbox Img 03.jpg Pillbox Img 04.jpg Pillbox Img 05.jpg

Taunts[edit | edit source]

We have some more taunts coming your way! This time we will mix it up, so now you have both casual and military taunts!

  • Casual Taunts

Taunt Ballpalm Img 01.jpg Taunt Facepalm Img 01.jpg Taunt Finger Gun Img 01.jpg Taunt Laughing Img 01.jpg Taunt Wave Smell Img 01.jpg

  • Military Taunts

Taunt Charge Img 01.jpg Taunt Freeze Img 01.jpg Taunt Get Down Img 01.jpg Taunt Get Up Img 01.jpg Taunt Halt Img 01.jpg Taunt Hurry Up Img 01.jpg Taunt Point At Me Img 01.jpg Taunt Point At You Img 01.jpg Taunt Rally Img 01.jpg Taunt Thumbs Up Img 01.jpg Taunt Thumbs Down Img 01.jpg Taunt Dont Understand Img 01.jpg Taunt Understood Img 01.jpg

  • Also you can bind military taunts to the F keys for more easier usage through the options menu.

Taunts Img 02.jpg Taunts Img 03.jpg

Loot Rework[edit | edit source]

We did a small rework on how loot spawns, so now abundant loot is abundant and rare loot is rare, most of the abundant loot can be used for crafting to get better gear. In all we are trying to expand the time you need to get high end gear, but also to make ti feel more rewarding.

Logitch LED Illumination[edit | edit source]

  • We added support for Logitech LED Illumination, so your keyboards, headsets and speakers can scream SCUM as well!

Logitech LED Illumination Img 01.jpg

This one will be in the menu
Logitech LED Illumination Img 02.jpg

This one will be once you enter the game.
Logitech LED Illumination Img 03.jpg

This will be a red flash once the player is injured, the red flash is also sent to the headset and speakers if possible.

Chests In Rocks[edit | edit source]

  • We found the fix for chests in rocks, but if we add it now every chest that is in a rock won't be accessible.

So we are giving you time until the next patch to get all your loot from those chests to a safe place, as from the next patch you wont be able to place chests in rocks or access them.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug where a chest without durability couldn't be destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug regarding item spawning that caused possible server crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where backpacks were clipped to the chest while climbing ladders. We also introduced the bug where in the first person view the camera is a bit offset while climbing ladders, but hey, we're working on it!
  • Fixed a bug where if you had a quiver equipped, after relogging the quiver would drop to the ground.
  • Fixed a bug when a player was killed its ragdoll would pop around.