Update 03-28-20

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Update 03-28-20
Quick Info
Date March 28th, 2020
Size 128.1 MB
Wipe No
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Stacking[edit | edit source]

We added the first version of stacking. How will it work?

For now only, bolts, nails and money have that option as it's still in the testing phase.
You can stack them simply by dragging them over each other.
For now, stacking doesn't work in chests, only in vicinity and backpacks.

Stacking Img 01.png

Inventory Damage[edit | edit source]

Item decay, lets see how it works

Each item's inventory can now contain damaged cells, depending on the durability of the item in question.
The damage spreads from the bottom right corner in circular motion.
If an item stays inside the damaged zone, it will be damaged over time (1% per damaged cell they are covered by per hour).
You can take items out of the damaged zone, but you cannot put them back into the damaged zone.
If your inventory container (e.g. backpack) takes damage from outside sources (e.g. bullets), all items inside the damaged area will be additionally damaged (5% per damaged cell they are covered by).

Inventory Damage Img 01.jpg

Defuse Minigame[edit | edit source]

Bomb defuse minigame!
So for defusing bombs we got you a game inside a game, this is how it works:

There are 3 types of LEDs, red, yellow and green.
You can cut yellow ones and green ones, the bomb will only defuse if you cut the green ones, and nothing will happen if you cut the yellow ones.
If you cut the red one, you get a suprise...yea, you die.
The number of each color LED and time you have depends on your demolition skill.
You cut the wires on the metal plate on the left.
At no skill you have 4 seconds to defuse the bomb, at max skill you have 6 seconds.

Defuse Minigame Img 01.jpg

Trap Icon[edit | edit source]

We implemented an UI marker for placed traps, visible only to trap owners in focus mode (similar to burying)
Trap Icon Img 01.png

Face Mask[edit | edit source]

So our players can be safe in game as well!

It can be found in medical and lab areas

Face Mask Img 01.jpg

Improvised Sewing Kit[edit | edit source]

We added a simple improvised sewing kit so you can craft it and fix your clothes.

Its crafted out of a needle (normal or bone) and thread.
It has 15 uses

Improvised Sewing Kit Img 01.jpg

Audio/Sounds[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed issue with search sounds alerting sentries and puppets on long radius.
  • Added sound on event border, one while static and distinctive one while border is moving.
  • Reduced loudness of event announcer.
  • Tweaked outdoor distant reverb for better approximation of sound source distance.

Quality Of Life Additions[edit | edit source]

  • We reworked the way players receive initial world state (fortifications, base building) so it is internally cleaner and intuitive to extend for future needs (e.g. synchronizing the state of those elusive trees and bushes) In normal terms, this will make it easier for us to implement some features that are coming, and should fix the issue of doors being open to some players and being closed to others.
  • Redesigned level up notifications. Removed level up text message in the bottom left corner.

Level Up Notification Img 01.jpg

  • Lowered maximum HP value on suicide puppets, reduced the range of the explosion, minimal damage and base damage it does.
  • Arrow tips now have 6 uses instead of 5.
  • Reduced the weight of compasses.
  • Hospital clothes have the same inventory size as inmate clothes.
  • Doubled the time between drone visits.
  • Increased weight load of work and military pants.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the bug when you would draw the compound bow the string would stretch in a demonic way.

Compound Bow Img 02.jpg

  • Fixed an issue where lots of torque would be applied when the player was further from the vehicle they were pushing.
  • Fixed some issues with the event wall.
  • Fixed the bug where sorting servers by version didn't work.
  • Fixed and tweaked drawing centre dot when aiming bow in first person view.
  • Fixed the size of body parts of animals and humans in inventory If you had them in your chest or backpack its possible that they overlap now, just remove them from the container and put them back in.

Animal Parts Img 01.png

  • Fixed stretched pistol icons in events.
  • Fixed a bug where slippers were too small in inventory.