Update 03-23-18

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Update 03-23-18
Quick Info
Date March 23, 2018
Size 683.3 MB

This is a pre-release version

  • Fix clothes
  • Added CO_Chair and textures, 2 variantes
  • Added friendly fire parameter for game events
  • Drop crates
  • Fixed crash if weapon reload action sequence was null
  • Fixed bug with last fired shot
  • Exposed some magazine functions
  • Added M1 Prone&Stand ReloadEmptyStart2 animation
  • Dixed M1 reload end animation
  • Worked on Drop Zone game event logic
  • Adjusted M1 Rifle animations
  • Replaced SM_Workshop with BP_Workshop,Folder Cleanup(Medical Building,Workshop)
  • Safe Zone B_3 added.
  • Work on Drop Zone game event actors
  • Added dropship skeletal mesh
  • Added Textures Workshop Building
  • Added Drop Zone location marker
  • Worked on Drop Zone game event
  • Changed texture size for dropship
  • Fix clothes
  • Added M1 reload sequences
  • Decreased drone engine sound volume significantly
  • Fixed bug with different firing rates in TP and FP for dragunov
  • Implemented support for last shot and open chamber
  • Medium option tuned
  • Added BP_MedicBay_01
  • Added Medic bay with proper Pivot
  • Added drone vision PP
  • Add tick rate for network
  • Disabled character action requests while climbing , climbing window, and in water
  • Disabled climbing of any kind while character action is active
  • Head Explode particles remaking
  • Dix poop pants
  • Replaced SM_Supply_building with BP_Supply_Building In Safe zone
  • Adjusted Fern wind speed
  • Added new garand model and animations
  • SVD and M9 animations update
  • Fix for double items in quick access bar
  • Fixed exploit with missing particles on low settings or 0 from config
  • Added BP_SupplyBuilding,Textures,Decals
  • Removed collision from Smoke grenade particle
  • Fixed bug with reload action stuck if equipping magazine on weapon in holster
  • Fixed bug with weapon attachments when interacting with weapon in holster
  • Started work on the Drop Zone game event