Update 03-12-20

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Update 03-12-20
Quick Info
Date March 12th, 2020
Size 1.3 GB
Wipe No
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New Puppets[edit | edit source]

Suicide Puppet Img 01.jpg

  • No matter how the puppet dies, once it does it will explode.
  • The explosives are strapped to his abdomen, so aim for that or the head as those count to the biggest damage possible.
  • The explosive radius is 10m and the further you are the less damage you take, but everything closer than 5m is still pretty much dead.
  • If that puppet is close to you, you will start hearing a beeping sound.
  • Once the beeping sounds starts the puppet will explode after 60 seconds if not killed.
  • Try to run it over with a car, it's fun (you'll die) and don't forget to get it on video!
  • They spawn in military POIs.

Hospital Puppet Img 01.jpg

Need a bandage? Feel free to ask one of those guys. Those puppets don't have any extras, besides some that have an awesome straitjacket, they are a bit faster than regular puppets.

Stealth/Camouflage[edit | edit source]

So some new additions came in those 2 parts and the UI. In the UI you can find 2 new bars:

  • Visibility
  • Noise

Visibility Noise Img 01.jpg

Visibility and how it works:

  • If the blue bar is full that means everyone/thing can see you without problems, the lower it drops the better hidden you are.
  • Each piece of clothing has a camouflage value, and depending what you wear the AI can notice you on different distances.
  • Hiding in foliage lowers the bar as well.
  • While hidden in foliage, range that AI can spot you from also depends on your camouflage skill and your stance.

Noise and how it works:

  • Every action you do makes a sound and will add up to the bar.
  • The higher your stealth skill the less movement noise you make.
  • As this system is still under work, its possible that the AI sometimes won't take into account your stealth skill.

Placement System[edit | edit source]

Blueprint Img 05.jpg

  • Improved placement algorithm meaning it should be much easier to place blueprints.
  • You can now place up to 10 blueprints of any type meaning you can potentially have 10 foundation blueprints active at a time.
  • Height adjustment is now possible after the blueprint is placed.
  • New look for the blueprints.

Events[edit | edit source]

Added Deathmatch and Team deathmatch events for:

Veliki Tabor

Also visual update of the event pictures to show the map as accurate as possible.
Prigradica Img 01.jpg Mountain Glade Img 01.jpg

Tractor[edit | edit source]

We added a trailer to the tractor, with it the storage space increased.
Tractor Img 03.jpg

Squad System[edit | edit source]

New squad members can now be recruited even if the squad member limit has already been reached. Such squad will still be hidden from the scoreborad and the squad respawn will be disabled, until they reduce the squad member count within the squad member limit (dictated by the squad leader's intelligence).

Audio/Sounds[edit | edit source]

  • Increased factory made suppressors noise by 30%.
  • Significantly reduced noise level for bows.
  • Improved outdoor reverb impulses.
  • Improved ambient sounds in all environments.

Quality Of Life Additions[edit | edit source]

  • M1 clip now shows empty model when ejected from rifle.
  • Enabled placing trophies on level 3 and level 4 walls and frames.
  • Dropping items to an inventory container will now take rotation into consideration when placing them.
  • Clothes items on you don't take damage from bullets when in safe zone.
  • Disabled vertical "breathing" movement while hovering with admin drone.
  • Increased rate of tree branches item spawn when cutting trees.
  • Added new animations for M1.
  • Added new animations for M1887
  • Added server config variable to allow/forbid building in POIs. Default is forbidden as till now. In SP, it's always allowed.
  • Added new admin command SetHealthToItemInHands that sets health of the currently held item.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the bug where prisoner save state would be corrupted if they cannot leave the car upon logging off.
  • Fixed the bug where base element ownership wouldn't transfer well after a profile is deleted.
  • Fixed the bug where laser triggers would get triggered through obstacles.
  • Fixed the bug where canceling the search of an object would make the prisoner uncontrollable.
  • Fixed the bug where the vicinity window couldn't be resized to a smaller size.
  • Fixed the bug where small and big bundle of sticks had wrong inventory icon.
  • Fixed the bug where clothes wouldn't be ordered by layer.
  • Fixed the bug with oversized icons for M1 and M1887.
  • Fixed the bug where Block21 icon was stretched in events.
  • Fixed the bug with no clip eject sound and visuals on M1 in events.
  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't put tree branches in hands.

Optimizations[edit | edit source]

  • Shader optimizations should impact people who are GPU bound
  • Reduced the amount of audio instructions that helps for audio CPU usage.