Update 03-09-18

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Update 03-09-18
Quick Info
Date March 09, 2018
Size 922.0 MB

This is a pre-release version

  • Bug fix from testers (wider door opening on prison fence, better collision for water heater, better collision for hous...
  • Added bullet trajectory visualization for testing builds, adjusted bullet bouncing, also some work on Game Events and ...
  • Working on localization
  • Added - Cloths, Items locker (shooting range)
  • Testing lockers
  • Kar98 clip icons
  • SVD Dragunov animations update; Pistol animations update
  • Added 98k reloadClip
  • Added item and spawn places to Shooting range
  • New models added
  • Fixed some bugs with items, added some descriptions, finished Preko distant city, added LODS to buildingd, fixed lods ...
  • Working on Wwise integration (new sound system)
  • Added background models
  • Added zombies to airport level
  • SVD Dragunov animation updates
  • Added new idle animations
  • Svd Dragunov animations import
  • Pistol animations update
  • Fixed Light in Bases
  • Icon rework
  • Created particles for ForceField material
  • Cretaed blood burs, head explode paericles
  • Added SM_Improvised_Rope_01 , custom LODS and textures
  • Added Storage building placeholder for SafeZone
  • Added eyes
  • Changed names of some physical materials
  • Added new physical material: Force_Field
  • Removed colon when drawing magnification in sniping info
  • Wellspring BP added
  • Added Distant Cityes
  • Fixing Folliage bugs
  • ForceField bullet effect editing
  • Added MedicBay_Building Placeholder
  • Added Octagon Cage for SafeZone
  • Added Safe Zone assets (military defensive barrier 01/02, fence 01)
  • Add placeholder for SafeZone Supply_Building
  • Fixed torch checking for rain where it was last on floor instead of its position in hands
  • Added 98k chamber animations
  • Ajdusted skill level needed to craft bear gear. Medium +
  • Adjusted icon brightness of clothes, Bear gear (gloves, boots and hat) can be crafted now, Zagorje distant city landsc...
  • Prisoner should not get wet when under cover (e.g. inside houses)
  • LPV disabled as default settings (radiosity can be still turned on from config. Some AMD cards crash with radiosity)
  • Fixed Door Collision on prison_tower_house
  • Bug fix (TV_Base_A_3 replaced door with locked door)
  • Throwing animation fixes
  • Added M9 stand reload animation
  • Added sentry animations
  • Added blog player workout animatons
  • Bug fix from testers (A_2_Port, A_2_Tijat, _A_2_Tisno, Landscape_A_2_2 floating trash, collision correction, fix UV s...
  • Added back blend profile for stop animations (it was lost during transition to new skeleton)
  • Pistol M9 animation import
  • M9 and SVD Dragunov animations update
  • Renamed granade to grenade
  • Fixing folliage bugs
  • Editing big rock Collision
  • BP_Animations fixes; SVD Dragunov reload test
  • Vertical icons switched to horizontal
  • Fixing Folliage in houses bugs
  • Increased throwing distance for some melee weapons
  • Added throwing speed multiplier on ThrowingComponent
  • Increased chance of finding loot
  • Temporarily disabled animal corpse actors