Update 02-22-18

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Update 02-22-18
Quick Info
Date February 22, 2018
Size 785.8 MB

This is a pre-release version

  • Missing assets fix
  • Added Gym elements/meshes ( SM_Bench_Press_01 , SM_Pull_Up_Bar_01 , SM_Weights_Holder_01 , SM_Dumbbell_8kg_01 , SM_Dumb...
  • New cheat command regarding skill and experience: SetStrength, SetConstitution, SetDexterity, SetInteligence, SetSkill...
  • Assigned required properties on magazines for AK and Dragunov
  • Assigned required properties on ammunition assets
  • Grenade fixes
  • Apatija A1 distant city fix
  • BUG fix. White roofs on A1 Apatije distant city
  • Edited dist city Prkno
  • Fixed terain spikes on Landscape_C_2_4
  • Added concrete blocks on the end of the road of Power Plant
  • Made grenade spawners
  • Added granades to spawners, and adjustes military spawners
  • 2 more backpacks can be crafted
  • Adjusted ladder climb fingers
  • Fixed Rifle twerking
  • Created LODs 1/2/3 for continental door frame 02
  • 98k karabiner reload animations update
  • Adjusted climb ladders animations
  • Fixed pistol jog walk grip
  • Added marine cap icons
  • CHopping animals into meat in stages.
  • Icons for animal parts.
  • Added pistol animation corrections
  • Added M9 pistol
  • Fix raincoat
  • Modified link between skills and attributes
  • Tweaked blend out time on StandGeneralUse_Montage
  • Boxing animations retargeting
  • Added new Beretta mesh
  • Edit clothes
  • (FIXED) Bug 1335: Prisoner is sliding if on the ladder and first step is beneath the floor
  • M1 and 98k reload animations
  • (FIXED) Bug 1333: TP camera is out of place when climbing ladder
  • Remved SM_CemeteryGates_2 mesh in B_4_Murvica
  • Bug fix (fixed player interaction with ladder on HuntingStand in B_3_Military_base)
  • Bug fix (added outside stairs to house in B_2_Golubovec)
  • Added game events GUI to the tab menu
  • Disabled inventory toggling when aiming down the sights & using scope
  • Deleted extra mesh on The_Island map (SM_CemeteryGates_2)
  • Bug fix from testers (fixed floating objects in C_4_Porat_b, edit terrain on ruins in Landscape_C_4_4, change directio...
  • Skill bonuses / modifiers are now affected by current attribute value - Constitution attribute now affects fesces gene...
  • Bug fix from testers (removed grass and bushes in building on A_1_3 map)
  • M1 Garand animations update
  • Created LOD 1/2/3 for Police metal door 01 and frame
  • Item spawn chance is now 2 times bigger
  • Some collision primitives where out of place in SM_MERGED_Windows_Door_frames.uasset
  • Fixed bug with detached wepons/items in hands for simulated proxy on initial replication - Fixed bug with quick access...
  • Changed game event barrier color
  • Added test event at Prkno
  • Stamina is now 50% bigger
  • Adjusted pistol walk-jog animations
  • Updated pistol walk/run
  • Created LOD 1/2/3 for Contnental Door 02 A/B
  • Bug fix Landscape_C_2_4 (edited terrain on top of the dam)
  • UV fix on Dam top
  • Added ragdoll corpse mesh replication, added game event manager to island
  • Updated pistol jog animations
  • Added rifle equip/unequip as pistol animations
  • Added new mech animations
  • Edited Windows map
  • Fixed SM_WoodenLogCabin_01 LOD and collision problem
  • Created LOD 1/2/3 for Continental Doors and frames 01/03/05/06
  • Bug fix (lod4 edit top barrier for collision to enable vault)
  • Fixing Discort testing team bugs
  • Fixed bug when prisoner was unable to interact with environment using context menu
  • Fixed SM_Shelter_01 collision , fixed LOD malfunction od SM_Toast_01 and SM_Charcoal_01, fixed cul distance on BP_Klet_...
  • Fixed SM_Shelter_01 collision , fixed LOD malfunction od SM_Toast_01 and SM_Charcoal_01, fixed cul distance on BP_Klet_...
  • Bug fix (edited simple collision for bullet holes)
  • Bug fix (rail bridge removed shadow of gravel material because parallax shading problem, inverted scale to + 1 because...
  • Fixing Discort terain team bugs
  • Fixed Collison on Propane Tank
  • Adding team options/icons
  • Edited distance of radiator in Continental House 02 BP - Edited Merged windows for vault for police side object - Edit...
  • Ak47 animations update
  • AK47 reload animations update
  • Fixed bug with weapon attachments not being deleted on player logout - Fixed bug with weapon attachments ownership
  • Dragunov reload animations update
  • Edited Prkno distan city models
  • Edited Windows for vaulting in Police Side Object
  • Added Window marker in Police Side Object BP
  • Editing vomiting
  • Changed phys material to correct one for M_Wooden_Floor_04_inst
  • Metal Door 01 edited mesh and UV, LODs
  • Garage windows created LODs
  • Created new radiator for continental houses, and replaced old
  • Grenade and flashbang sounds
  • Vomiting animation update
  • Added Game Event Transport class
  • Cleaned prisoner skeleton
  • Shovel icons and weight adjusted
  • Disabled iterative chopping on animals in preparation for skinning/gutting/chopping
  • Wolf needs to be chopped in stages now to get useable meat.
  • Vomiting animation update