Update 02-21-20

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Update 02-21-20
Quick Info
Date February 21st, 2020
Size 2.1 MB
Wipe No
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Previous (Hotfix)

All icons were resized to be as close as possible to the sizes they were before, but with an exception where we still kept the proportions.
Here is an example of the old and new item size.

Item Size Img 01.jpg

A hiking backpack has 10x20 size so you can see how it directly would look in the inventory.
The M1891 is the biggest firearm weapon in the game (besides the M82), and all other firearms are smaller or same as the M1891.
The same principle was applied to resizing melee weapons as well.
We also squeezed in some bugfixes regarding the inventory.

The inventory grid lines got reduced in opacity, so they blend better with the whole inventory.
Removed that pesky white selection box that appeared when you select an item.

Known issues: The M1 and M1887 due some issues those are still broken regarding the inventory size, but can be used.
Keep in mind that the overlapping you encounter in your inventory is not permanent or a bug, take all the items outside the chest and put them back in and it will work normally from that point.