Update 01-25-19

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Update 01-25-19
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Date January 25, 2019
Size ?
Wipe No
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Bug and exploit fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug where adding items to a backpack full of items or dropping that backpack on the ground produced an absurd amount of AI noise that attracted puppets.
  • Implement ability to list spawned vehicles, teleport to spawn a vehicle and destroy spawned vehicle via admin console command
  • Fixed a bug where the player was able to drag the sledge while other player is mounted on it or is standing on it.
  • Fixed a bug where grenades did not collide with cars.
  • Items cannot be dragged anymore if someone is standing on them. (Chests, shelters etc..)
  • Fixed a bug where event participant stats in scoreboard were not being shown properly upon joining the event.
  • Sledge cannot be equipped after someone has boarded it.
  • Fixed a bug where it was sometimes impossible to drag an item from the vicinity.
  • Visual effects such as blur, color saturation when health is low, nightvision, etc. should now work when inside the vehicle
  • Fixed a bug where some servers stopped spawning cars.
  • Minor improvements to server save/load performance
  • Fixed a bug where people could interact with items that are in fortified buildings.
  • Fixed bug where some items were still being shown on corpses even after they were searched
  • Fixed bug with equipment when dying in some places you would lose all items permanently, not lootable or at spawn (basic shirts and pants)
  • Turned off autowalk upon waking up from ragdoll or dying
  • Fixed fame point exploit related to cooking items
  • Fixed getting stuck in patching wounds animation if game window was not in focus
  • Fixed exploit causing suicides with throwing weapons to give you famepoints
  • Possible fixes for incorrect character state saving while in event, if you exit the game while in event on relog it should spawn you from your last position before you entered the event.
  • Fixed issue where respawning that is not "on shelter" would respawn you on some random shelter in the game.
  • XP reward for projectile hits now take projectile hit energy into account, you can not farm XP anymore with ricochets anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where patching wounds with an item (rag, bandage) from a container (e.g. closet) wouldn't consume the item
  • Fixed a bug where some same containers in a different building would share items
  • Fixed a bug where searching objects while lagging would sometimes show another object's items or no items at all even if some items were inside the object
  • Fixed a bug where locked doors would be in an un-pickable state
  • Fixed a bug where fortifications sometimes wouldn't get placed upon finishing the blueprint
  • Fixed a bug where crafted locks would still consume fame points upon placing them on a door
  • Fixed a bug where non-completed fortifications blueprints would get corrupted upon relogging
  • Auto-dropping an item shouldn't be able to place the item behind walls & objects any more
  • Filling soda / alcohol bottles with water will now correctly water down their nutrients
  • Possible fix for sometimes being unable to rotate blueprints when placing them
  • Possible fix for door lock widget sometimes getting rendered from large distances.
  • Added suggestions box for admin commands, also implemented auto complete admin commands. To finish the command press TAB.
  • Fixed bug with drone getting stuck under water
  • Fixed awareness mode overlay bug while swimming
  • Fixed issue with awareness mode getting stuck after entering TAB mode
  • Added different distances for loading and unloading virtualized items
  • Fixed bug where items spawn by virtualizations system would blink blue and be easy to notice
  • A new way for fame gain on a player kill. When you kill a player you gain 10% of the fame he had. The player who got killed losses those 10%. If you are in a negative for -100 fame points and someone with 100 fame kills you, you will be on -90 famepoints and the other person will be on 90 fame points. People exploited this to gain fame points by continuously killing team members.

Balance and QoL changes[edit | edit source]

  • Reduced spawn rate for christmas items
  • Added new icons for small and large bundle of sticks.

Bundles Img 01.jpg

  • Vitamins (all medicine) do not get destroyed now once you consume all uses.
  • Improvised wooden spear now has the same weight as long wooden stick 400 grams
  • Stinging nettle does not have infinite uses anymore
  • Baked beans now need a can opener to be able to open it.
  • Fixed missspelling in "Bear Shoes" item
  • Fixed Skewer bug with infinite skewer crafting, and a bug where your metabolisms nutrients would drop exponentially.
  • Added a new bobby pin item, it can be found all around the island and you can craft a lockpick out of it.

Bobby Pin.png

  • Safety and Bobby pins can now be made into a boundle up to 20 pieces.

Bundle Of Saftey Pins.png Bundle Of Bobby Pins.png

  • Fixed bug where stew preparation could be crafted infinite amount of times.
  • Fixed bug where standing torch could be crafted infinite amount of times.
  • Fixed bug where metal chest recepie would not include tool box.
  • Fixed bug where pastry could have been eaten infinite amount of times.
  • Vehicle cannot be unmounted if exit location is blocked.

Vehicle Blocked Img 01.jpg

Added ability to push the vehicle (this is an experimental feature and works only if no one is in the vehicle)

  • Advanced fortification recepie QoL fix regarding needed usage shown, the amount stays the same. If an item does not have uses the number in the recepie is the quantity of that item(10 pieces of scrap metal), if it has uses then its the total usage of the item that the recepie needs (100 uses of lead, one lead plate has 20 uses, so you need 5 lead plates).
10 scrap metal pieces
10 uses from the tool box
100 uses of lead plates, that makes up to 5 lead plates

Advanced Fortifications Fix Img 01.jpg

  • The improvised lookout blueprint has been removed for now from the game due causing a lot of exploits and problems. If you had a lookout somewhere it will be gone from that place.
  • Added new recurve bow FPS animations

Landscape and arhicteture fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Added possible fortification places on 4 sides on the lighthouse.
  • Moved big stone that was offset from the terrain on A1
  • Fixed an bug where rain was falling through the TV base on A3
  • A house was in the air (player could get inside the house through bottom floor) B3, water pump was below terrain on B3
  • Fixed a bug on a ladder where the player would start climbing from the wrong side on D4
  • Fixed a bug where the player could enter a vehicle through the garage door.

New admin commands[edit | edit source]

  • #ListSpawnedVehicles
Prints list of all spawned vehicles. Each vehicle has its ID, last access time and location printed.
  • #TeleportToVehicle <Vehicle ID>
Teleports invoking player to the specified vehicle. Vehicle ID is displayed via #ListSpawnedVehicles.
  • #DestroyVehicle <Vehicle ID>
Destroys the specified vehicle. Vehicle ID is displayed via #ListSpawnedVehicles.

Optimizations[edit | edit source]

  • In this patch server optimizations should give to up 30% of a server boost, so less lag and better stability.
  • Anti-cheat improvements.
  • Client optimizations for better game performance.