Update 01-20-20

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Update 01-20-20
Quick Info
Date January 20th, 2020
Size 706 MB
Wipe No
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Military & Police Puppets[edit | edit source]

Now you will be able to encounter military and police puppets.
Right now there is no big difference between normal puppets and the military police ones. By default they drop better clothing, and the puppets with body armour are bit harder to kill, due to the body armour.

  • Police puppets can be found around and inside the police station.

Puppets Img 01.jpg

  • Military puppets can be found in all military zones.

Puppets Img 02.jpg

We reworked MP i SP times for spawning puppets.

  • Single player:
Wild = 5 min
Exterior = 18 sec
Interior = 30 sec

  • Multiplayer:
Wild = 10 min
Exterior = 30 sec
Interior = 5 min

Interior zombies will have bad hearing to stop them from reacting while walking down the street, and reacting right away, now they will sleep until you enter their house and make some noise.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed bug when prisoner was unable to take compound bow in hands.
  • Fixed the bug where moving an item from chest to inventory would play the sound twice.
  • Fixed various issues with "ghost item widgets" appearing.
  • Fixed bug that caused squad member limit to be invalid on server restart.
  • Fixed Metal Palisades blueprint being unfinishable.
  • Fixed some placed blueprints requiring less ingredients to finish.
  • Fixed possible crash and lag while opening any type of inventory.
  • Fixed front sight being barely visible on Winchester rifle.
  • Fixed bug where looking trough binoculars or scopes while sitting wouldn't have magnification.
  • Fixed tractor brake lights sometimes causing screen to go dark.
  • Fixed the bug with squad mates triggering traps.
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to receive squad chat messages you should not be receiving
  • Fixed a bug where sledges would sometimes fall through terrain.
  • You can no longer launch other players with sledge.

Quality Of Life Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Patching wounds within events is now much quicker.
  • The "bury" action now gives you 25 exp and washing items gives you 10 exp. (Survival skill)
  • Rebalanced all helmets and armor vests, they now offer more realistic protection against bullets.
  • Recipe for stab proof vest changed, instead of rags you need 3 diaries now. Also it offers now better protection against smaller caliber guns, but overall durability is lower. Also now it offers better protection against bullets than the stabproof vest.
  • Now you can bondage people with improvised rope and tree bark rope.
  • Items now take slight damage upon throwing.
  • Melee weapons take slight damage on hit now.
  • Spear damage reworked. Still all 3 spears will kill in one hit if it's a headshot. The damage taken from a chest or limb hit is more proportional to each spear, depending on the quality.
  • We changed how gaining base build experience works, before you would get a set amount of exp once you finished the base build element, now you will gain the same amount just in smaller batches with every base build ingredient added (wooden plank, wooden log etc..) This way if more people partake in building a base, everyone gets exp equal to the work put in!
  • Re-added basic tooltips for items (name and description), holding CTRL will expand to the full tooltip, basic tooltips are optional (there is an option to disable them in the options menu, under the GAME section)
  • You can now scroll through the inventory when dragging an item (scroll wheel will rotate the item, CTRL + scroll wheel will scroll)
  • We have a new system of repairing base elements, as a lot of you were frustrated that it takes too much time and resources. Now it only takes 1 use of your toolbox to repair 1 base element to 100%.
  • You can repair your base from your flag area now. When you interact with the flag it shows you how many base elements you have under your flags control. You can decide to repair elements that are less than 25,50,75 percent durability or you can choose to repair all.
  • The amount of base elements under the flag will determine how much usages of a toolbox it will use. So if you have 100 base elements and 90 usages on a toolbox, the repair action will repair 90 base elements starting from the most damaged to least damaged base element.

Base Repair Img 01.jpg

The number at the end is the total uses needed

  • Base flag can't be destroyed with weapons or explosions any more.
  • Barbed spike trap can now be destroyed via interaction.
  • Trap explosions effect base elements more realistically. Elements blocked by other elements now get less damage.
  • Prisoner movement speed is now same when limping and limping in melee combat mode.
  • Added new, motion captured movement animations when holding a weapon while walking and jogging.
  • Various improvements to a number of different weapon animations.
  • Exposed squad member limits as parameters in server config. Admin command
  • Reduced amount of experience/fame player gets when firing shotgun.
  • M1891 animation and visual upgrade.
  • Supply drops have been rebalanced and they are now more oriented towards the mid game gameplay. Items spawned inside of supply drops:mid tier rifles and handguns, magazines and low tier scopes, mid tier clothing/backpacks, ammo, food, repair kits. There are no more empty supply drops. This is the beginning of balance changes in regards to item spawners.
  • Client and server optimizations.