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Unarmed combat is one of the core gameplay mechanics of SCUM. The dev logs and video below suggest there will eventually be multiple fighting styles for variety and preference, as well as various maneuvers within each, but these are currently not implemented, and the unarmed combat system is limited to boxing with simple punches and blocking.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

You can toggle combat mode on or off by pressing the "combat mode" key, mapped to V by default or by throwing a punch with left mouse button while your hands are empty. While in combat mode, one opponent at a time will be your primary target. You can freely orbit the camera around you and your opponent as you fight, and your character will move relative to the camera angle but will remain locked onto and facing your target if you are not in manual mode (see Opponent Selection below). You can then throw punches and occasional kicks with left mouse button, and block with right mouse button, using timed normal movement to dodge.

You can still switch your pace while in combat, but switching to max pace will break you out of combat, allowing you to run away.

Opponent selection[edit | edit source]

Pressing H will swap opponent selection mode between manual, semi-automatic, and automatic.

  • Manual completely disables locking onto an opponent, allowing you to fight freely.
  • Semi-automatic: Unclear how this differs from automatic
  • Automatic: Automatically locks onto the nearest opponent

Fighting styles[edit | edit source]

Boxing is currently the only available fighting style. However, by facing down while punching, you can land some low kicks.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

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