SCUM is an early access open-world survival game. You are a supermax prisoner who is picked up by entertainment giant TEC01 to participate in their television sensation SCUM. Inmates fight for survival and fame against other inmates, both living and dead, and to gain the support of viewers, producers, and sponsors. SCUM features an unprecedented level of character customization tied into in-depth survival, biology, and physics mechanics including metabolism, inertia, wetness, and awareness.

Your life sentence is about to become your 15 minutes of fame.
Latest Major Version
February 12th, 2021
Update ICO.png

12 February, 2021 - SCUM - Hotfix

There it is folks, hotfix for yall just in time for the weekend. Check it out!Fixed camera exposure bug at night Fixed someti...

5 February, 2021 - SCUM - Patch

Hello folks happy Friday! Nope, it's not 0.5 yet but don't worry it's coming just a little bit more patience. In the meanwhil...

22 December, 2020 - SCUM - Hotfix

Thought we were done didn't ya? Nope, as always we got to work and got you a hotfix. Here it is: Fixed the bug where it was p...

21 December, 2020 - SCUM - Patch

Hello everyone, happy Monday!First of all, as you may have noticed, this is not the 0.5 update you have been waiting for. The...

28 November, 2020 - SCUM - Hotfix

Hello everyone happy Saturday! Hope you all enjoy the patch, we are dropping a little hotfix/balance fix to address some of t...

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