Improvised Shotgun

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Improvised Shotgun
Improvised Shotgun.png
Improvised shotgun made from scrap materials. Even in this state it still packs a punch.
Caliber Caliber 12 Gauge
Velocity Velocity 830 m/s
Rate of Fire Rate Of Fire 30 rpm
Capacity Capacity 1
Range Range 400 m
Weight Weight 3.0 kg
Other Information
Category Weapons
Skill Rifles
Grid 11x3
Throwable No

A Crafted shotgun that fires 12 gauge shells.

Admin Commands[edit | edit source]

Improvised Shotgun Improvised Shotgun #Spawnitem BP_Weapon_Improvised_Shotgun
Shotgun Ammunition Box Shotgun Ammunition Box #Spawnitem 12_Gauge_Ammobox_Closed