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List of foods[edit | edit source]

Canned Food[edit | edit source]

Icon Name
Baby Food.png Baby Food
Baked Beans.png Baked Beans
Beef Ravioli.png Beef Ravioli
Beef Stew.png Beef Stew
Black Olives.png Black Olives
Cat Food.png Canned Catfood
Sweet Corn.png Canned Sweet Corn
Dog Food.png Canned Dog Food
Fruit Cocktail.png Canned Fruit Cocktail
Goulash.png Canned Goulash
Peach Compote.png Canned Peach
Canned Pear.png Canned Pear
Green Peas.png Canned Peas
Sardine.png Canned Sardine
Spaghetti With Meatballs.png Canned Spaghetti
Canned Tuna.png Canned Tuna
Chow Mein.png Chow Mein
Guana Halves.png Guana Halves
Cheeseburger MRE.png MRE Cheeseburger
MRE Beef Stew.png MRE Beef Stew
Tuna Salad MRE.png MRE Tuna Salad
Meat Snack Spicy 01.png Meat Snack
SPAM.png Spam
Tomato Pelati.png Tomato Pelate
Tomato Sauce.png Tomato Sauce

Cooked Food[edit | edit source]

Icon Name
Apple Pie.png Apple Pie
Baked Meat.png Baked Meat
Beans Stew 01.png Beans Stew
Cake.png Cake
Cantonese Sweet And Sour.png Cantonese Sweet And Sour
32px Chili Con Carne
Cooked Egg.png Cooked Egg
Pasta.png Cooked Pasta
Cooked Potato.png Cooked Potato
Rice.png Cooked Rice
Cooked Vegetables.png Cooked Vegetables
Fried Egg 01.png Fried Egg
Pancakes.png Pancakes
Pate 01.png Pate
Popcorn 02.png Popcorn
Soup 01.png Soup
Spaghetti Bolognese 01.png Spaghetti Bolognese
Steak With Potatoes 01.png Steak with Potatoes
Toast.png Toast

Food[edit | edit source]

Icon Name
Almonds.png Bag of Almonds
Baking Soda.png Baking Soda
Bunny Stars Cereal.png Bunny Stars Cereal
Corn Flakes.png Corn Flakes
Crackers.png Crackers
Instant Oatmeal.png Instant Oatmeal
Pasta.png Pasta
Rice.png Rice
Toaster Pastries.png Toaster Pastries
UpNGo Cereal.png UpNGo Cereal

Drinks[edit | edit source]

Icon Name
Bubbles.png Bubbles
Canteen.png Canteen
Caramel Soda.png Caramel Soda
Carrot Juice.png Carrot Juice
Cola.png Cola
Grapefruit Juice.png Grapefruit Juice
Improvised Water Container.png Improvised Water Container
Lime Juice.png Lime Juice
Lime Soda.png Lime Soda
Milk.png Milk
Orange Juice Bottle.png Orange Juice Bottle
Orange Juice Can.png Orange Juice Can
Pelinkovac.png Pelinkovac
Soda.png Soda

Junk Food[edit | edit source]

Icon Name
Chips Classic.png Chips
Chocolate Candy Bar.png Chocolate Bar
32px Choc Candy
Onion Rings.png Onion Rings
Spicy Nacho Chips.png Spicy Nacho Chips
Potato Chips Salty.png Potato Chips Salty
Meat Snack Spicy 01.png Meat Snack

Meat and Animal Products[edit | edit source]

Misc Food[edit | edit source]

Mushrooms[edit | edit source]

Main article: Mushrooms

Edible[edit | edit source]

Poisonous[edit | edit source]

Nuts and Seeds[edit | edit source]

Plants[edit | edit source]

Vegetables[edit | edit source]

Wild Fruit[edit | edit source]