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Body type[edit | edit source]

Your character's attributes are divided into 4 categories, all of which are determined by the customization triangle during creation and will evolve over time as you play. Each of these attributes has skills associated with them.

Strength[edit | edit source]

The strength attribute refers to the performance abilities that require a certain amount of strength.

Defines how much weight the player will carry without being slowed down;

If the load capacity is exceeded, the player will perform at a slower pace;

Defines how fast the player is able to move a heavy object;

If the objects are simply too heavy for the player to move them, he/she will not be able to perform that action without the help of other players Defines how much damage the player will inflict on his/her opponents during the melee combat;

Bigger strength means more calories that the body burns on a daily basis.

Strength has the following skills:

Constitution[edit | edit source]

The constitution attribute refers to everything connected with physical endurance and stamina.

Defines how much health points the player will initially have. A better constitution means more health, to begin with;

Defines how well the player’s body will handle stress, pain, poisons, weather, shock and physical damage;

A better constitution means that it’s less likely for the player to get hurt;

Defines endurance, i.e. how fast the player will get tired;

A better constitution means that the player will be able to outperform other players in all the tasks and will also restore his/her energy faster;

Higher Constitution means that calories are spent more efficiently – Calorie consumption speed is decreased.

Constitution has the following skills:

Dexterity[edit | edit source]

The dexterity attribute refers to everything connected with the speed of movement and reaction in general.

Defines how fast the player can move, walk, run and sprint;

Defines how fast the player can perform everyday actions such as crafting, eating, reloading the weapon, etc.;

Improves the chance to perform complicated actions such as surgery, fixing electronics, etc.

Dexterity has the following skills:

Intelligence[edit | edit source]

The intelligence refers to perception and capability of performing task successfully.

Improves the chance for the player to hit the aimed target;

Higher intelligence attribute adds additional skill slots;

Higher intelligence attribute helps player to learn skills faster.

Intelligence has the following skills:

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