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Crafting is the process of combining components to create more useful items.

Interface[edit | edit source]

Crafting is accessed by opening your character menu and either clicking the crafting tab or pressing 2. The right-hand side of the screen is the Crafting List section, and contains the various crafting recipes. The left-hand side of the screen is the Crafting Recipe section, and shows the items required for the selected recipe, items the crafted item can be used with, and items in your inventory or the vicinity, highlighted in red if they can be used in this recipe.

If you know the recipe and have the components required for it, crafting can also be done on the inventory tab 1 by selecting all the components and right-clicking them.

List[edit | edit source]

The list tab, showing all craftable items
The blueprint section showing fabricable fortifications

The list section on the right shows all available recipes, with colored stripes overlaid on them.

  • No stripes means you can craft an item
  • Yellow stripes means that you have some of the items required
  • Red stripes means that you have none of the items required
  • Black stripes means that your skill level for that recipe is not high enough to craft the item (see Recipe Skill Requirements)

Select any recipe here to have it show up in the Recipe section on the left.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

The Recipe section on the left shows, from top to bottom, the item, the components required to craft it, items that the crafted product can be used on, items in your inventory, and items in your vicinity.

Components have several symbols overlaid on top of them:

  • In the top left is the quantity of the item needed
  • In the bottom center are arrows that you can click through to see alternate items that you can use in the recipe
  • In the bottom left is a number with a green or teal jagged quarter circle or a hammer. This number is the position in the recipe and can be ignored, but the symbol on top of it matters.
    • Green means the item is mandatory
    • Teal means the item is optional, such as Sea Salt in the Sausages recipe
    • Hammer means the item is a tool and is not consumed in the crafting process, but it will lose some durability

Below this, your inventory and vicinity items will be shown, with items that will be used in the crafting highlighted in red. You may notice some items in your inventory are not completely grayed out, and you can click on these to select/deselect which items to use.

Blueprints[edit | edit source]

Looking at the blueprint shows required materials

Blueprints are used to build stationary objects, like your shelter or storage boxes. When clicking the crafting button you can decide, where to place the blueprint. By scrolling up or down the orientation can be changed. Finally the blueprint is placed by pressingF.

Once the blueprint is placed, you can see the required materials to finish the object. If you have the material in your inventory or laying on the ground nearby. you can simply add it by looking at the placed blueprint and pressing F. The required materials can be combined. If 30 units of rope are required you can for instance add 10 units of rope, 10 units wire and 10 units of thread.

Deployed blueprints cant be seen or destroyed by other players until they are finished, although other players can see the blueprint while it is being moved into position.

Recipe Skill Requirements[edit | edit source]

Some recipes require certain skill levels to be able to craft them.

To be able to craft all items you will need:

Craftable Items[edit | edit source]

Tools and Weapons[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

Food[edit | edit source]