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The character creation menu is a complex interface that will allow you to completely customize who you are as a player on SCUM island.
Every aspect of your character will influence how you play. From age, race, and physique, to how well you handle weapons and what you can build. Can you make it as a solo player, or will you need a friend to do something you cannot?

Character[edit | edit source]

Name[edit | edit source]

Your character name can be between 1-20 characters. Any character can be used except for spaces.

Age[edit | edit source]

You can choose any age between 20-50 years. Changing your age will apply "age modifiers" and impact your attribute values.
Refer to the "Attributes Values" section below for additional information.

Body Type[edit | edit source]

The body type triangle can be used to quickly alter your attribute values. More often used for rough estimations or by people who are more worried about their characters physical appearance.
Refer to "Attribute Values" below for how to fine-tune your character.

Attribute Values[edit | edit source]

The players primary attributes are:

  • Strength (STR) - Decides the amount of points you can assign to weapon skills, as well as how hard you punch, how well you take a punch, how much you can carry before getting tired to quickly, etc.
  • Constitution (CON) - Decides the amount of points you can assign to movement skills.
  • Dexterity (DEX) - Decides the amount of points you can apply to skills that require concentration and hand-eye coordination.
  • Intelligence (INT) - Decides the amount of points you can apply to skills that would require deeper understanding and focus.

The values you assign during character creation are currently permanent.

These values can be adjusted in 0.2 point increments. Although, adjusting character age and penis size will also effect these values, they may cause the decimal value to become an odd number and make it difficult to assign skills accurately on the next character creation page. A lot of fiddling may be required but it is possible to give yourself full or complete skill levels.
Your characters age can effect multiple attributes simultaneously. 1 point to strength will be gained from 20 to 30 years, but lost from 40 to 50. 1 point to strength will be gained between 30 and 40 years, and maintained through to 50 years. 1 point of dexterity will be lost every ten years from 20 to 40 years. And, 1 point of intelligence will be gained between the ages of 40 and 50.
The size of your characters penis influences your intelligence. For every inch you gain, you lose 0.5 points to intelligence.

This means if you can choose the smallest penis size and reward yourself with an extra 0.5 intelligence, since default penis is 4 inches.
Supporter Pack owners are gifted a longer penis and start with 6 inches. Effectively allowing an additional 1 intelligence over other players if you scroll down to minimum penis.

Skin Color[edit | edit source]

A non-adjustable attribute. Currently, skin color is chosen below, when you pick your "Head Type".

Gender[edit | edit source]

A non-adjustable attribute.

Head Type[edit | edit source]

5 variations of character heads are available to most players. Currently this also decides your race and skin color.
There are currently 3 Caucasian options, 1 African option, and 1 Asian option.

Supporter pack owners also have an addition African head option.

Tattoos[edit | edit source]

There are 3 tattoo options for most players. All typically overdone, prison style tattoos. They can be turned on or off.

Supporter pack owners also have one additional tattoo style.

Concealed Mode[edit | edit source]

Concealed mode will allow or filter nudity by putting a pixelated shield around your genitals.

Penis Size[edit | edit source]

A penis size between 3-10 inches can be chosen. This value effects the intelligence attribute to the effect of +/- 0.5 points per inch. Most players will be given a 4 inch penis by default.

Supporter Pack owners will be given a 6 inch penis by default, giving the possibility of 1 additional intelligence point non-owners will not have. This is the only pay-to-win style feature that will be added to SCUM.

Flaws[edit | edit source]

A non-adjustable attribute. Eventually character will be able to be dependent on drugs or alcohol, become addicted to nicotine, or even be near sited. With this slider, you can start disadvantaged!

Gear[edit | edit source]

A non-adjustable attribute. It is not currently known what this feature will be, but it is speculated that you could choose to start with eye-glasses, a knife, or something else that could easily be smuggled into a prison.

Crime[edit | edit source]

A non-adjustable attribute. Eventually, you will be able to decide what put you in prison.

Randomize[edit | edit source]

This Randomize button will randomize your age, appearance, and attribute values, but not your skill point distribution.

Skills[edit | edit source]

At the top of the Skills window, you are shown the skill points you have for distribution between your skills. These numbers are always exactly double what you set in the Character window.
When choosing your skill, the sliders will display the skill level (no skill, basic, etc) and a progress bar. It is normally best to choose complete levels and leave no progress in the progress bar, as the progression through a skill isn't noticeable in game, and the mechanics of gameplay will only change at full values.
You can currently only assign a maximum of "Advanced" to skills. "Advanced+" is attainable in game, but is very difficult to attain. It isn't currently known what advantages an advanced+ skill gives.

Strength Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Boxing - Decides how fast and hard you punch.
  • Rifles - Decides your draw speed, aim-down-sight speed, reload speed. As well as recoil and sway reduction.
  • Melee Weapons - Similar to the boxing skill, but calculated when you're holding a blunt or bladed weapon.
  • Handgun - Similar to the Rifles skill, but for pistols.
  • Archery - Decides draw speed, how much poundage can be drawn, how long the draw can be held, and sway reduction.
  • Heavy Weapons - Not Available
  • Weapons Throwing - Not Available

Constitution Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Running - Decides how fast you can run, and how quickly you can get to top speed.
  • Endurance - Decides how far you can run before becoming exhausted.
  • Swimming - Not Available
  • Resistance - Not Available

Dexterity Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Thievery - Decides the size of the pick window and how much time is given to pick a lock.
  • Driving - Decides how quickly you can start a vehicle and keep it running. As well as top speed and turn radius.
  • Stealth - Decides how much noise you make with certain gear, and how easily you're spotted while sneaking.
  • Motorcycling - Not Available
  • Piloting - Not Available
  • Sailing - Not Available
  • Climbing - Not Available
  • Pick Locks/Pockets - Not Available
  • Throwing - Not Available

Intelligence Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Awareness - Activated by holding right-mouse. Decides how "hidden" items are revealed to you. How near the object must be to the center of your field of view and how close you muse be. This includes everything from items on the ground to players prone in bushes.
  • Sniping - Decides how quickly you can calculate range and windage while using certain weapon optics.
  • Camouflage - Decides how quickly you blend into foliage when motionless, and how well you stay hidden when resuming movement.
  • Survival - Decides which items in the crafting menu you can create.
  • Programming & Electronics - Not Available
  • BioChem - Not Available
  • Education & Psychology - Not Available
  • Demolitions - Not Available
  • Cooking - Not Available. Any cooking mechanics are currently dependent on the survival skill.
  • Animal Handling - Not Available
  • Tactics - Not Available
  • Medical - Not Available

Randomize[edit | edit source]

This Randomize button will completely randomize your skill point distribution, but not your age, appearance or attribute points.