9mm Bullet

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9mm Bullet
9mm Bullet.png
9x19mm is a cartridge that was designed and introduced in 1902 by the Germans. The 9x19mm is the world's most popular and widely used military handgun and submachinegun cartridge. "If you seek peace, prepare for war". Used in: TEC01 M9, MP5.
General information
Category Ammunition
Subcategory Pistol Ammunition
Space Used 1x1
Weight 0.2kg per stack
StackSize 20
Administrator Information
9mm Bullet

The 9×19mm is a firearms cartridge that was designed by Georg Luger and introduced in 1902 by the German weapons manufacturer DWM for their Luger semi-automatic pistol.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The 9mm Bullet can only be used with the TEC01 M9.
The rounds can be chambered individually, or used with the M9 Magazine

Procurement[edit | edit source]

These rounds can be found in military locations around the map in random stack sizes, or in boxes of 30.

Crafting this ammunition requires medium rifle skill. 5 rounds are produced each time the recipe is crafted.
Below are the ingredients required to craft this ammunition:

Admin Commands[edit | edit source]

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  • 9mm Bullet 5 Rounds - #SpawnItem Cal_9mm_5_Bullets
  • 9mm Bullet 20 Rounds - #SpawnItem Cal_9mm
  • 9mm Ammunition Box 30 Round Box - #SpawnItem Cal_9mm_AmmoboxClosed

Unused Commands

  • 9mm Case 9mm Casing - #SpawnItem Cal_9mm_Empty
  • 9mm Ammunition Box Open Ammunition Box - #SpawnItem Cal_9mm_AmmoboxOpen

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